Wow, Vikes signing Cook to a huge deal

Minny is betting big time on Cook, who has played in just 29 of 48 games in his 3-year career. He’s a great back, but colleges are churning these guys out in every draft class. If he gets hurt again and his star dims, this five year deal could go down as a big mistake. I guess we’ll see. Definitely a boom or bust contract, which would see him in Minny until he’s 30.

A lot of analysts have been saying this is a passing league, and that the importance of RBs is diminishing. I think we’re seeing that philosophy change in real time. This deal only ties Cook with Henry at 5th highest contract for a RB at $12.5 per year. The contract only guarantees him $28.2. I actually think this is a pretty good deal for the Vikes, barring injury of course.

I feel like the league is transitioning back to the run (GB, Baltimore, SF, Det, etc.) Maybe I’m wrong.


Kamara just got $15/year for 5 years… If you’re exceptional, you’ll get paid. Cook is a top 5 back in the league and deserved to be extended. It’s actually a pretty reasonable deal too, $28 million guaranteed makes it a 3 year deal before the Vikings can get out of it if need be.

The league is cyclical. As defenses get better and better prepared for the pass, the run becomes that much more effective.

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I think it’s a gamble with the odds not in your favor. Especially on a guy who has played in just 29 of 48 games. These days the RBBC approach is safer IMHO. Am I wrong, aren’t there decent RBs to be found every year in the draft or in FA? I’d rather have a good OL that gives your RBs a hole to run through year after year.

Nothing I hate to see more than Division rivals making terrible decisions. They made a great one drafting Cook. Now they should do what we are doing and go get another Cook in the draft on a cheap rookie deal and “churn” baby churn. Instead they are dumping huge cash into the most easy to replace positions on the field. There are great backs available every year, and they have the shortest shelf life of any position as well.

I think they almost have to do this. Their passing game can’t carry the offense. Cook is also a very good back, so spending money on him makes sense. They’ll have to hope that the injury bug doesn’t bite him again.

Kamara has played in 45/48 games, so he’s much more reliable. I just don’t know with Cook. But $28m guaranteed could be a steal if he can stay healthy for a few years.

Even if he does stay healthy, the total value of the contract is only going to swell big time. The total value is $60m. If he hits those escalators, man, that’s a lot of cheddar for a RB.

This is how I see it as well. Time will tell.

Star players get star-money. It’s only the QBs who get paid ridiculous money when they’re only slightly above average (and that’s just because they are in the ‘star’ position).

The Vikings have a window that is basically the next couple years so I’m not surprised by this move, they don’t have time to bring in another running back and let him figure it out

I don’t think Cook is a number 5 back in this league because he can’t stay on the field and I really don’t think talent wise he’s top 5.

I mean pretty easy it’s McCaffrey Barkley Elliott and Kamara. Then are you saying you’d take Cook over Henry? Nope. If you squint really hard you can see him in the group with Mixon, Chubb, Aaron Jones…but those dudes play.

Next tier- this is where he should be, with the talented injury guys like Conner, David Johnson, etc. This is the NFL not fantasy. Being valuable to play in all phases of the game and being available are important And cook has not shown he can do that. I get that they had to pay him and he is a dangerous dude with more upside than some of the guys mentioned above him but he can’t win the game from the cold tub

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This is essentially a three year deal with team option years after and a win for the Vikings. Cook is a good player. It doesn’t really matter that he’s a RB because he’s a proven commodity in his prime, that the Vikings will rely heavily upon to carry the offense. If, and I know it’s a bigger risk with him, but if Dalvin can stay relatively healthy than he’s their centerpiece. Any contract looks horrible when the player gets injured. Can easily walk away after year three, which is right around the time you’ll want to get younger. Easy win for the Vikings if you ask me.


Fair assessment, but if he misses significant time over the next two years, it’s a bust if you ask me. It all will depend on health whether it’s a good or bad deal.

I think you could say that about any player that signs a big deal though. If we’re looking at just the contract, the player and what said player brings to the table than this is an easy win for the Vikings.

You could say that about any player, but you have an injury history with Cook that makes it more of a gamble than just any other guy, especially considering he plays a position with a high injury rate. I suppose they had no choice if they want him to put it all out there in 2020. But it’s not a win in any real sense unless he stays healthy.

I noted that in my original post. Lol

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Just saying it ain’t a win unless he stays healthy, if not it’s a bust. :slight_smile:

Just sayin, you can say that about any player. If he does stay relatively healthy it’s hard not to like this for the Vikings.

No, you can’t say that about Cook the same as any player. You can’t say “well he hasn’t been very reliable in the past but we’re betting he will going forward” about every player, because lots of players play all the games, or maybe miss one or two. Cook has missed nearly 20 over three years.

If you refer back to my original post you’ll see I acknowledged there is more risk with Dalvin than others. What I’m saying is if any player signs a big deal and then gets hurt the deal is a bust. I’ll say this again to so maybe you’ll catch it this time, If Cook can stay relatively healthy than this contract is a win for the Vikings.