WR Kadarius Toney

I know many of us talked about trading down and taking him. With Sewell on the board, that didn’t make sense.

However, the Jags were going to take him at No. 25 before the Giants got him at No. 20:

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer experienced his first NFL heartbreak during the 2021 NFL draft, and that came courtesy of the New York Giants, Dan Benton of USA Today reports.

Meyer acknowledged on Saturday that it stung to watch the Giants trade back to pick No. 20 overall and then take Florida wide receiver Kadarius Toney, who the Jaguars were targeting at No. 25.

“I’ve gotten to know him over the last couple weeks and obviously my connection with [Gators] coach [Dan] Mullen and those guys,” Meyer told ESPN. “You watch [Toney] play, he’s a human highlight reel.”

Urban isn’t used to a hierarchy. Usually, he only has to worry about monetary concerns when finalizing his recruits.



We should’ve traded up and taken him. Change my mind.

Compensation would have started at this year’s 2nd and next years 1st. No thanks.


Ok, I didn’t want him that badly…

23 to 14 was 2 3rds, which we had. 41 to 19 would’ve been a lot more though.

I get the feeling that Meyer may be in for a bit of a rude awakening in Jacksonville. I think it coaching staff will struggle to mesh and I wasn’t a huge fan of their off season moves - just seemed to be players who the various coaches had experience with rather than any real plan. Etienne while a nice player is a huge reach for a third down back.

Now Lawrence may be that good that he can overcome their shortcomings a buy him time to put it all together but I don’t think ownership are going to be overly patient or willing to just sit back and give him the control he wants.

I’m interested to see Lawrence play too. I’m not nearly as sold on him as a lot of you dudes.

elijah moore is gonna be the biggest stud aside from chase and waddle bet! that was my heartbreak player. along with jevon holland!

that being said, i think crowder gets cut and i would love to sign him!

In order to get up into the 1st round cheaply you would have to trade to the very back of it and you would need to be trading with a team like the Seahawks or Patriots who seem to love backing out of the 1st round to accumulate picks for players who are nothing more than a warm body or camp fodder. I joke but I’m serious. Pete Carroll will drool over a 4th round pick to exit the back of the 1st round. Yet he’s taken 18 guys in the 4th round and only 2 of them were really worth a damn, and the 2 that worked out were one of the first 3 he ever drafted in the 4th round in Seattle back when he had the inside track on the players.

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Yes, I was hoping for Elijah Moore at #41 as well. Getting Levi is damn nice consolation prize though.

Oh I am definitely happy with who we got. I just have a feeling Moore is going to be really good for a long time. Dont love the situation he went to though

From the “things that didn’t age well” department:

  1. Meyer didn’t even make it through the season.

  2. Toney wasn’t exactly a human highlight reel:

Field Yates


The Giants used a first-round pick on a WR in Kadarius Toney and made Kenny Golladay the highest-paid WR in free agency by spending $72M over 4 years. Neither scored a TD this season. Not an ideal start.



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Golladay and Toney combined for 942 yards this year. We got 912 from Sun God alone. He also caught 5 TDS and had 1 on the ground, which is roughly checks calculator 6 more than Golladay and Toney.


Wait, are you guys implying that the great Dave Gettleman may not have made the right decisions?

I simply cannot believe that.

I would take a hundred Bob Quinns before enduring a Dave Gettleman.

The Giants are a complete cluster fuck of a organization



I was so relieved when Holmes let Golladay walk. Looks like that was the right decision after all.


Kenny Golladay 2021

$486,486.48 per reception. Not a bad gig if you can get it.


Better not call them a “clown show” though… or Joe Judge will fill this board with an 11 minute rant… :smirk::grin::smiling_imp:

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Think there’s any chance of fleecing them in the draft with them sitting there with those two top-ten picks? :smiley: