WR Quintiez Cephus ran a 4.73 40

This year’s Teez Tabor smartest guy in the room pick when DJP and KJ Hill we’re still sitting there.


Lol. BQ sucks. Speed kills.

Small and slow?! Wth

Cephus wishes he had Tabors speed


Seems unlikely to beat out anyone currently on the roster.

It should be noted that he ran a 4.56 40 on his pro day.


Better to take a slow WR in the 6th than a slow CB in the 2nd

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No point trading down to get extra assets when they are spent on garbage. I realize the extra pick gained is later, but this guy could have been picked in the 7th.

Safe, average, just another guy picks in late rounds never do anything.

Jesus, let’s cut him now! :roll_eyes:

Not crazy about the pick, but…

The comparison is to Anquan Boldin, which wouldn’t be horrible, if it works out.

FSU’s Boldin ran a 4.72 40, placing him in the bottom 20 of receivers this century, and finished below receivers’ historical average in the vert (33.5 inches) and broad jump (114). He was a second-round pick by the Cardinals and then a star.


I was enjoying this draft until today. What the…? Aren’t there linemen faster than this guy. That’s gonna be embarrising when one of them runs him down during a game.


At least we can call him Bo.

I’m with you, man…some team speed would be awesome, on both sides of the ball. This dude is Amendola’s backup, IF he even makes the roster.

Detroit isn’t a home run offense.


Perfect for the Lions.

If it’s 3rd and 9 … his speed will get you 4.

Perfect fit.

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Yall know how I feel about this regime but the kid can play.

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Daaaaaamn. Maybe I am faster than him. Let’s set this up with proceeds going to charity. I’ll do it for free.

Let’s get Vegas to set this up…me vs Bo Cephus!!!


Special teams player. Give him a shot, he might shine there.

He’s faster than the 4.7.