Wrong on Will Levis

Looks like I was wrong on this kid

Just like Justin Herbert

I didn’t think much of Herbert

Then thought I was wrong.

Now I wonder again. He just doesn’t seem to have IT

I wasn’t. So far lol… but since I was swimming against the tide here over the guy, I’ll take a little happy dance. Richardson looked better than I thought he would, but then went the way of a running QB.

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Mel kiper loved him for what it’s worth


Can we stop pretending these rookie QBs are good or franchise QB after a solid game or two? Holy crap. I remember how people were talking about Derek Carr being elite because he looked so good early.

Rookies have good games. Teams get film, adjust their schemes for said QBs. I have Will Levis in a dynasty league, so I hope he’s the real deal. But, my gosh, this game means nothing, lol. He looked awesome his first game in with 4 TDs and has looked like dog crap until tonight. Pump the brakes. . .

Highly disagree

A game like this is HUGE for a players development

Never anointed him, but never woulda thought he could lead 2 2mins drills for 2 TDs and a 2pt conversion to beat the dolphins on the road MNF

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What does this even mean, it’s good for his development? Lol.

If he had a bad game, would he all of a sudden not developed? That makes zero sense. He either has “it” or he doesn’t, one outcome would not change that one iota. Do you think Mahomes wouldn’t have developed if he had a string of 3 bad games? Of course he would.

It’s a good sign that he has talent and “it”, but at the end of the day it means nothing. Obviously, the other three poor performances didn’t mean anything since he didn’t fold, so why is this different? Again, players don’t just stop developing or improving with bad performances, likewise they don’t get better because of a good game. This isn’t Madden where they get extra points to spend on throwing accuracy because of a good game…

Because he just lead two 2 min drives for 2 TDs and a 2pts conversion to beat the top team in AFC that hadn’t lost at home.

The goal is to win

He just did that and was the best player of the field at the end.

If that doesn’t mean anything to you, then ok :+1:t3:


The last 767 teams down 14 with 3 mins have all lost.

Will Levis just won


What does this have to do with long term development? He had a good game, kind of. The defense really put pressure on Tua all game.

If you thought Levis was a dog water QB who would never have a good game here or there, then sure - you’re “proven right.” But, in the grand scheme of Levis’ career this is no different than any other game. Lol. He’s not just going to stop developing over a bad game just like he won’t get any better over a good game.

Highly disagree but we can just agree to disagree here.

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For sure. If he flames out and is a bust I guess we can check off the idea that beating Miami on a random Monday was really impactful.

I questioned how good Levis would be his final year because he lost his leading WR Wan’ Dale Robinson and several other pieces on what was a potent O. Well, the result wasn’t very good. They were 10-3 in 2021 and Robinson was their leading receiver in every single game. In 2022 they were 7-6 and Levis very much appeared to have lost his mojo. So, I honestly wasn’t sure about people who had him much higher on the draft charts than I thought he probably deserved. Well, good for him and the Titans, and this was in a game where Henry rushed for 34 yards on 17 carries.

Confidence is huge for a young developing player. Especially one who dropped in the draft. Not to mention the team having more confidence in Levi’s as well. Definitely not defining his career by any means but was a huge game on MNF.



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Levis is cold blooded