Wrong ref calls due to bad product or ownership?

Two calls today could have been corrected know . Is it because they know ownership will not say a word or because we are a bad team ? Vikings fans will be pissed today for refs favoring them. Will this ref things continue when we will be a contender also or owners have to call them out. May be Sheila trust refs call of attempt to slam cousin is legite

They were instrumental in assisting a Dallas victory, last time we were in the playoffs, as well as handing us a few losses (Seahawks - batted out of end zone play, Rodgers face masking himself and us getting called for it, that caused the Hail Mary that never should have been…additionally, I know there was at least one other, if not two in that same season).
We would have made playoffs that year (been competitive)

There was one against Calvin Johnson in Chicago too

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Couldn’t watch the game today. Does anyone have the clip of Jones’ pass catch that was ruled incomplete? Checked YouTube and didn’t see it there either

Bro, you can see it here https://youtu.be/kqeSpShdJYU


This is the NFL pushing games. For whatever reason the Lions see this exponentially more than any other team. Does the NFL make money from pushing certain games? Do they want the team to move out of Detroit? There is a reason, but identifying it is an issue.

They want lions to move to CFL. That’s the only way Stafford will move to another nfl team :blush:

This is the worst jobbing anyone has gotten since the Packer game last year. Unreal


I have always believed that in every league, bad teams get bad calls, and good teams get the benefit of the doubt. I watched as the Red Wings went from a team that bad calls went against, to a good team that seemed to get the benefit of the ticky tack calls, which pretty much cemented my point.

One of the things that I saw that changed the calls the Red Wings got, was when they hired Scotty Bowman. Scotty was a legend at mind games, and he used to do 2 things that had to drive refs nuts. First, if you made a bad call against him, he was known to rip the refs right then and there. The next thing he would do, is make sure the refs read about it in the paper. He was also known to drop hints that certain teams had a reputation for committing certain infractions, especially right before a playoff series. That would get the refs watching for certain fouls and it usually worked out more in Scotty’s favor.

I have maintained that part of the reason the NFL refs treat the Lions like doormats, is because the Lions owners allow it to happen. Had any of the bad calls we have had happened to a team like Dallas or whatever, Jerrah would be peeling the paint of off walls and going on every form of media he could to embarass the NFL for daring to call that. The Lions just say “thank you ma’am, may I have another?”

If the Lions want to stop getting jobbed on calls, then yes management needs to start getting involved and defending themselves. The non-PF call against Cousins was pathetic. The non-TD call was the worst I’ve ever seen. That call simply defied the rules of all things football. The ball never impacts the ground, at any point. The ball is allowed to move when the body strikes the ground. That’s called physics. As long as control is maintained, it’s a catch. Jones had the ball pinned with both arms and his body. It’s a catch. Hell even the Packers during the last game commented on how the Lions were getting worked over.

If Detroit management doesn’t try to stop it, the league won’t either. Someone has to step up and hold the NFL accountable.


Yes, but MN is not a good team (well, they are compared to us, but…).

I would be much more pissed if I had watched the game, instead of just clips. I would also be more pissed if t was a meaningful game. After that Packer game, I gave my people a hug, and quietly exited. I was making sure not to project anger onto them. LOL . I was PISSED.

My biggest draw to sports is the purity of it. Nobody has an agenda, just a 2 groups of guys trying to kick each other’s asses. NBA changed an got almost as scripted as WWF. NFL appears to be moving more that direction. I completely quit the NBA for that reason…the purity of it is gone. The influence of officiating will always influence Lebron. I don’t even watch Playoffs or finals anymore, and I truly don’t think I would if the Pistons were in it.

I hate when dummies try to say you get some calls for and against you and it tends to even out. When it comes tona fee teams it doesn’t even out…they get the benefit or the butt end of calls alot more. The commentators said the same garbage during the game and then went out of their way to try to find something that “went out way.”

I have said it before that its not worth putting emotional energy into this team until the league starts respecting us with the calls. That game was an embarrassment and I was secretly hoping that Bevel would have taken his team to the locker room and forfeited after the roughing the passer…or told the defense to go out there and line up at the back of the endzone with their arms crossed.

Our next HC needs to be an experienced guy who already gets a level of respect from the refs.


That was my immediate reaction, just walk off the field. My second thought was that the ref’s were lucky that Ford Field was empty. I’m not saying that it would have turned Latin American soccer violent, but there is a lot of pent up anger in Lion Land.

My point was they didn’t correct it , they know our owner don’t know the rule and will not call them out

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It’s a psychological phenemenon, whereby the league/refs see Lions/Bengals/Jags/etc… and subconsciously think: bad football team, they make mistakes. This viewpoint is reinforced when the calls go against us, because the general public also thinks bad football team, they make mistakes, and thinks that when the fans of bad teams complain about it, we’re just whining, which also helps to perfectly insulate the refs/league as well.

It’s a tough cycle to break out of, but not impossible. At first you have to win in spite of the refs being against you. Then things can start to turn.

The same is true of the traditional powerhouses. Good football team, they don’t make as many mistakes.

The Raiders of the 80/90s were an interesting outlier who regularly led the league in penalties and yet won anyway. But it was clear they pushed the boundary of legality with their play on purpose, and they were led by rule breaker Al Davis. The league had it out for them more than others.

You do realize this is addressed in the annual owners meeting correct?

While that may not accomplish anything…neither will bashing the refs in the media. Was two bad calls and we draft better because of it…so what ya gonna do now

Don’t forget the Browns. They might get even worse calls than we do. I remember when Jon Kitna was with the Bengals, he pointed out the bias of the refs. He said it seemed like whenever the Bengals did something good, the refs assumed they must have done something wrong so they would go ahead and throw a flag just in case. I don’t think its that bad, but I do think there is an element of self preservation to it. If you are a ref, you are going to naturally err on the side of whatever is going to bring you the least amount of heat after the game when you are getting graded and analyzed by your bosses. For most of the league, that’s unclear and the strength of the call itself will probably stand on its own. But if you are going to throw something against the Packers that might end up with them losing the game…you better damn well be right. So if there is any doubt in your mind, you either give the Packers a questionable penalty or you don’t throw a penalty on the Packers. With a team like the Browns its the opposite. If you have any doubt in your mind, you throw the flag against them.

It pissed me off earlier this season when they had a conversation mid game of a Packers game with the referee consultant on air. It wasn’t one of the famous ones, it was another former ref. The guy talked about how difficult it is to ref when its the Packers and David Backtiari, because David takes everything right up to the line and you are put in a tight spot of whether to call it or not. My question is…why is that considered a difficult position? If you think its a penalty, frickin throw the flag like you would any other team or any other player. But the fact that you feel some type of way about having to throw a flag on him tells me the kind of heat the refs probably take after games if they throw flags against a team like the Packers.

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If they get less help from officials than us, they must be tackling Browns players, when CLE is on offense, and tripping Browns players that are attempting to make tackles on D . Daaaamn.

I’d love to officiate against him…I mean…Officiate a packer game. I’d throw his ass out of the game in the first quarter.

We can take it into our own hands… Once fans are allowed back, we fans can buy commercial time, billboards, etc and let it be known that we will rush the field and stand on the 50 yard line if we continue to get bullshit calls against us. If the threat of that isn’t enough, the publicity it would create would be enough to get the leagues attention.

In 2018 on 4th down in overtime vs the Ravens, that’s basically what happened. No call, Ravens ball.