Xavier Hutchinson

Gonna toss this name out there…he’s built just like Josh Reynolds, similar play style, and heck he even looks like him.

Texans are 7 deep at WR
Diggs, Nico, Tank Dell, Noah Brown, Metchie, Skowarnek, and Woods.

X Hutch looks to be the odd man out

We could use a waiver scoop or trade a 7th for him and get a Hutchinson on offense


Aidan’s long lost brother I assume


Oh snap I got :eyes: and a :hot_pepper:

I should go out to salsa dance tonight or something

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I meantiomed that he or Metchie would not make the team and that was before this week’s trade. Woods may also get cut. Xavier does seem like the best fit though.

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Great minds

I’d rather take a flyer on XHutch than old washed up Woods. Metchie ok but Leaf & udfa kid already got that spot

I’d call it -1500 Metchie gets cut.

Hutchinson is a nice name for the mix for sure .

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Metchie was an awesome blocker in college. Both on offense and on teams. Tough as hell (obviously). He may not add a new style of WR like Hutchinson but he’s clearly one of our type of guys. And that he can impact on teams would be a big deal given that he’s aiming to take one of the last few roster spots.

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Yes. Hope we bring him in. I liked him in the draft.


Separated at birth.

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I’m still not convinced that Holme’s adds another WR.

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There’s a reason he doesn’t cut his hair short, @bignatty.

I thought he was over rated at Iowa State, they don’t play pass D in the Big 12. Shitty RAS, I would rather pass.