XFL players can sign now with NFL

Those who followed name few players Lions should maybe attempt to sign .

None. Cause I didn’t watch a single minute off it. I’m sure there are a few, but I prefer sticking to NFL talent.

Jordan Ta’amu was a guy I pushed for last year as a late-rounder, he’s a great fit in our offense though he’ll probably be a little more expensive now. Frankly I like him better than any of the mid-late rounders this year, save maybe Anthony Gordon. But he might go in the 4th now, and that’s a little rich.

Can they sign as FAs now or do they have to go through the draft first?
I’d think it would be on FA basis?

They can sign now I believe.

Why would professional athletes enter an amateur draft? Does the NFL have a draft for CFL players?

Funny enough, the guy I’d really like the Lions to sign, played for us last year
Donald Parnham. 6’8 TE.

He can sign today these guys are not part of the draft some are X nfl guys who were cut of medical release

I’d be leary of what those medical issues are.


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ha…ha. you know what I mean, if these guys were just released off of some medical function, you have to find out what each guy’s medical concern is, how serious is it verses another XFL player and take the healthiest one that has ability and skill at his position.

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