Yay..the league admitted it was wrong. again

sigh. we do get this all the time but it does us no good after.


Would that have made it 9-18 on third down ?

Outside thr box and LOS is a good non call.

So did theyvsay it didnt get to the LOS? Thr one where he was at the sideline and flicked it forwards?

I mean, there were 3 shit calls, so they need to be mkre specific.



Yup - Wouldn’t be surprised if they were wrong on 2 or all 3.
■■■■■■■ ridiculous


I’m also going to wait for the ‘sorry we missed the facemask on your QB that I was staring at. he’s just so dreamy looking’ apology.

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“Sorry, we screwed you, yet again.”
Funny, they can figure it out on Monday, but, not on Sunday. I thought that’s why they had the whole review in New York process?
Where do they review it on Monday?


What down was it when that happened?

What about the face mask on Goff?


People always say you can’t blame the refs. They shouldn’t be able to impact the game if you play well enough.

To me that’s unrealistic. You’re not going to be able to stay far enough ahead of good teams to be able to overcome 3 or 4 terrible calls per game that give the opposing team a first down that eventually leads to points. These types of calls absolutely impact the flow and momentum if not the outcome of the game.

If we are going to say the team should play better (which they should, obviously) then we also have to say that the officials have to call the game better. Otherwise they won’t win games even when they play well enough to win. This game was within three points. It’s frustrating.


It was the first one where he took one step to his left and burned it into the ground 2 yards shy of the los.

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but I think there’s something misleading and I’m going to put on my tinfoil hat for this one. I don’t think it’s bad refereeing. if that were the case, we would have horrid calls go in our favor from time to time, perhaps even leading to a win for us. I don’t see that nearly often enough. To me it’s either intentional unprofessionalism because hey…it’s the lions. Or just plain intentional because…hey…it’s the lions.

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They impact the game even when you do play well enough. It should have been the Saints vs the Patriots in the super bowl. I’d that happens the Saints would have beaten that Patriots team. The Seahawks vs the Steelers is another prime example. The Seahawks played well but every single time they made a big play they got flagged for some ticky tack call.

Curious if anybody knows: Why isn’t intentional grounding reviewable if they don’t call it? I feel like you should be able to challenge it, but I guess you need a penalty to challenge.

I’ll be honest that was the sort of call that makes me question the refs. A blatantly pro-Philly call. It was clear the QB was unloading the ball to avoid a sack so the next question should have been whether it was grounding. I mean its not like they could have missed the issue.


Because F U, that’s why!




It’s little things like this that can determine the outcome of a close game.

Lions vs Refs

Its possible to “overcome the refs” if it goes both ways. The problem with the Lions is it doesn’t swing the other way enough. In my mind there are 4 teams at the bottom of the shitpile that includes the Lions. We get shit on and there isn’t enough going the other way. Then there are some darlings at the top of the things. There are probably 3-5 of those each year. Some teams like Green Bay stay in that group. But other times a team will be favored for a season for whatever reason, and join that group. Then the other 20 something teams are in the middle. Most fans and commentators perspectives comes from following teams in the middle or at the top. So the shitpile at the bottom looks like its just whining.

Bad calls happen. Its just strange how often they go against us but not for us. And its even more strange when you can watch years of football and see something called one way every time…then it gets called differently in a Lions game.



League has to do something to the refs and not just make it an “oh well”.

Hold the refs accountable.

I thought you could change it, just like you can challenge if the qb steps over the line of scrimmage


Like pass interference that gets called 99 out of 100 times?