Year Den was created

seems like some don’t know…I don’t for example…but when was the first day the Den was up and running…the original /1st version??

1999’ish? I know I wrote the first article when I wanted the Lions to sign Kerry Collins, but I took over the NFL Fans forum around that time. I think there’s a post on the old Off-Topic Tavern that references our history. I’m sure it’s been deleted by now.

Anyway, it’s when I was basically my son’s age (who turned out to be an Eagles fan, BTW).

Parenting win!
Good job!


thank you very much !!!..I ask because it said my join date was 2009…on 247, doesn’t make much sense being that I watched the Big room split, then the next one divide/take “sides” I guess, was on that for a year or so, then we moved to 247…if I have the order correct, been on 247 for about a year give-take…and now I’m here lol ….I’d estimate my join date was in 2003 or 2004, because I didn’t join until after my friend RW was already a member for a year or so himself…I joined as fast as I could once he told me what it was and how to join.