Yep, good times

A couple of kids asked me what it was like for me growing up. So I took their phones, shut off the internet, gave them a popsicle and told them to go outside till the street lights came on. 🙌🙌


And I loved every fricking moment of it.
Playing football in the neighbor’s back yard, basketball on the driveway, kickball, building forts in the trees, building hot wheel communities in the gravel part of the driveway. Riding bikes all over.
Until your mom came out the front door and yelled your name that it was time to come in or it was dinner time.
The good days
Using the encylopedia Britannica for homework. LOL


I was lucky enough even in the digital age to experience a few years like that in a neighborhood I used to live in. Good times…

Oh my word! We had a full set of Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedias!

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I’ve been telling my siblings that, imo, we lived during the best of times. I am the youngest, born in 1965. We got to experience what life was like before all the crazy technology and social media. In 1992 I bought a brand new Encyclopaedia Britannica set. Cost me $1800. Very nice. However, not long after that I got my first home computer, with a Pentium processor. I was king of the block. My computer came with a basic CD encyclopedia. It had some video, which was pretty damn cool, but it offered me a glimpse into the future and the possibilities. Luckily I was able to quickly sell the Britannica set to a coworker for $1000 . He wanted it for his kids. I gladly took the $800 loss as they would’ve quickly become dust collectors.

Also, I’d give anything to hear my mother call me in for dinner one more time.


Encarta for the win.

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Yes, yes, yes! The name had escaped me. Thanks for jogging the cobwebs out of my memory.

That was for rich people, we had Funk and Wagnalls.

It’s what I grew up with too.

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I think it took us over a year to get a full set, got 'em thru the grocery store I believe.

You know I think we got ours the same way. I was young but I do seem to remember getting the set in random increments. Learning on Layaway. :grinning: