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Thought that I would try something different this season. I know that I missed the first 3 weeks, but better late than never. What I am looking for is what would your game plan be going into this weeks matchup based on the Opponents rankings( this week there are from CBS sports). So without further ado:

Kansas City Chiefs


Overall #2 Offense (Yds/GM), #3 Points & Points/GM

Passing #1 Yds, Yds/GM, & TD

0 Interceptions and only 3 Sacks allowed.

Rushing #21 Yds, #22 Yds/GM, & #20 TDs


Overall #24 Defense (Yds/GM), # 16 Points, & #14 Points/GM

Passing #20 Yds, #19 Yds/GM, #13 TDs allowed

Rushing #28 Yds, #27 Yds/GM, #26 TDs allowed

Looking over these Stats gives me the impression of a team that is dependent on their Passing game, which has been effective so far and having little need to play the run. It also looks like a team that is sure they can win in any shootout.

So if you are the Head Coach of the Lions what is your gameplan to get the win this week?

I will post mine in a little while, still working some things out.

I think the game plan is gonna look like some version of what we did against the rams last year. It will definitely be tougher without Slay, so hopefully he is well enough to play

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I know most people think we should try to grind it out and shorten the game/keep Mahomes off the field.

I would do the opposite. Partly because everyone expects us to try ball control and partly because I don’t think we win, without getting into a track meet. Remember, we are at home, so there’s an advantage with crowd noise. We also have a better back end defense than KC does, so why not expose it? Don’t play to not lose. Play to outscore them. If Matty P can come up with a defensive scheme to confuse Mahomes and company, it may be enough to force a couple turnovers and have us in position to steal one at the end.

My Gameplan:

Step 1 - Find Patrick Mahomes before the game.

Step 2 -

Step 3 -



Not a terrible idea, I’m just not sure we can compete with them in a track meet. Whether we get into a shootout or slow down the game, the key is to score TD’s. We cannot settle for FG’s when we get into the Redzone.

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The Chiefs score twice as frequently as we do, I don’t see us being able to so suddenly be able to keep up with them.

I think our game plan will look quite a lot like what the Pats did to them in the AFCCG last year - runs and short, quick passes, play the pass on defense and try and bait them into handing the ball off with fewer down linemen. I think if we’re actually playing to win, this is the only approach to take. Trying to get in a shootout with them is the ‘ah screw it, we’re probably losing anyway’ approach.

we disrupt the passer, the QB. mind you that does not mean just sacks, that means hounding his receivers take them away, strip the football , bat the ball , deflect the football , get in the QB’s face , make him run and hurry. we can’t let him sit back and pick us apart.

second, we have to play a clean game and not gift them extra yards and points by getting penalties.

we have to be smart with the ball while we have it and mix up the run and pass.

third, tighter coverage, we can’t play off 20 foot off to the man your covering because when they get the ball , they are 5 steps ahead of you. and GONE !

Wow, doing a quick box score check on what the Pats did to them in the playoffs…look at the frickin time of possession difference. The Chiefs only had it for 20 minutes. Mahomes only had 31 passing attempts, and they only ran the ball 12 times on top of that. That’s only 43 frickin plays.

I’m wondering if Trey Flowers can successfully relay some of the weaknesses Belichick saw on film…both times they played last year. We could potentially be looking at a game where we know more about the Chiefs than they know about us.

Pats ran for 150 yards on the ground. can we? KC is currently giving up about 130 a game.

we do that - we will go with ball control imo.

we should also llok at what Oakland did for 3 of 4 qtrs … they blanked them! PH dropped 4 TD’s in a single QTR… crazy

I would love to see the middle of thier def destroyed with short passes…

No easy task …Defensively I would

  1. Force Mahomes to stay in the Pocket , make him play a more traditional style of QB from the pocket while limiting his back yard style plays by breaking contain.

  2. Zone play’s from our CB’s is out of the question, Slay needs to play and we need to man up and play more press to throw his timing off , no clean releases by the WR’s

  3. Do what we do , blitzing him is out of the question we need pressure from the front 4 and only the front 4 …

  4. I shit you not punt like gunner coverage on Kelce …the Middle of the field has been killing us.



Our run game has been shit…I really wonder to this point if we have some sort of tell, as to it being a run “Example” ( Is the Frank Ragnow tipping our hand with a key for the Defense etc )

We need to pass early and often to open the run. Stafford has been great this season throwing on 1st down, actually an incredible 22 of 30 73.3% , 9.8 yds avg 114.2 QB rating
The ridiculous thing thus far is how often we have put Matt in 2nd and 3rd and long situations, we have more 2nd and 3rd and long (10+) yards attempts, 33 then we do on 1st down … That is atrocious knowing that Matt is only responsible for 8 of those 33 and that the running game or penalties have caused these 2nd and 3rd and long situations …this needs to get fixed fast .

While I think Reid is a better OC and has more receiving talent, I think the idea will be to play aggressively on Offense. That does not mean going deep a lot or throwing all the time. It means taking the approach they want to have long drives and running effectively as a good mix, but willing to set Stafford free to threaten the field and ad lib. We can certainly score enough to win this game, but they can’t “play the percentages” to finish it off.

Maybe I am crazy but I kinda feel like Patricia will design a decent defensive gameplan against KC. His defenses have seemed to rise to the occasions against other notable offenses like the packers and rams last year. I think a healthy and balling Stafford improves our chances and I also think this might be the game where the run game gets going. I might throw my remote through the tv if he tries to run the clock out with 15:00 on the clock in the 4th quarter.


What’s up fellas! It’s been a minute! Hope everyone has been doing good! Vince, Jaded hope all is well! Iggy good to see your still around bro!

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Good to see the peeps migrate, Hater, JR etc

Welcome! MP may use JD to spy/contain Mahomes.

It took me a minute man. I haven’t logged on in over a year. The monday after the Dallas loss last year. I went to the old site and saw it was defunct…started searching forums until i started seeing names I recognized…good to be back!

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I would play mostly 3 down D an blitz one player every down or most downs an not worry about sacks but contain him an pressure.

I don’t think they beat us if we play stop the pass there ground game doesn’t scare me.
Contain an pressure an cover best we can. I think we can score on them depends on if we can control there scoring. Would be way I play them.

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I am Matty P? Two words. Gastric Bypass.

This one’s for you @iggy14! :wink:

If it was my decision I know what I would try and do. I think that the Lions have the personal to match up in Man coverage, even without Slay. This is the key to me, stopping the Chiefs passing game. Slow them down and take the ball out of Mahommes hands.

Speaking of which it is time to open up some more of that playbook. We need to see that run game. We need to control the clock and get long clock killing drives. Now this does not mean that we abandon what has been working for us. Instead we just need to be more efficient in our run game.

On top of it all we need to cut back on the penalties. We need to control our aggression and be ready to explode when the ball is snapped. We need to also keep in mind that the Refs are looking for reasons to throw the flags, don’t do anything that will draw their attention,