You can NOT pay Goff

Narrative was: He can’t play outdoors.

He had a chance to put that shit to bed today. And, he shit the bed. 3 turnovers, should have been more. Can’t tie up 20% of your payroll in a guy who can’t play outdoors, when you have Chicago and Green Bay in the division


He’s shown he’s better than he was in LA but not by much. He’s always going to be the guy that needs everything around him to be great.


Trade Goff this off-season.
Hooker Time.


I do think you could get at least a 1st, probably more.

It would be nice to have a QB who wasn’t a statue back there


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He has beaten GB in GB twice…and KC in Arrowhead…

He is 7-3 all-time outdoors.


I agree.

Jared looked like an MVP candidate until around the bye.

He’d made careless decisions and missed open receivers pretty routinely.

At some point it’s no longer a “slump.”


Cool. I look forward to what OP does next to help the franchise. I have faith in you.


There is no rush to pay him an extension anyhow. He is under contract for one more season and can be franchise tagged the following.

Not sure why there is a rush to extend him, or even think about it.


Lions are cursed. We feel for us winning the north. Were always going to be the sol.

I’m hoping to not tie up 20% of our salary in a guy who can’t play outdoors. Maybe he’ll have a big road win in the playoffs, but he’s been pretty bad lately

He can’t play indoors anymore either, he stunk for large chunks of the Packers and Bears games. The moment the offensive line breaks down even a little, he’s cooked.

If you have a QB where you need near ideal conditions for him to succeed, you can’t pay him franchise money because you won’t have the money to fill out the roster to make conditions near perfect for him.

Goff has done a lot of good but he’s becoming unglued in money time these last 5-6 games.

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And I’m on board with that. He can change my thoughts on it over time, but right now I’m not paying him. Maybe Hooker ends to being garbage.

Ben Johsons obsession with the middle of the field does come into play as well

Ben also calls zero screen passes.

There was a good breakdown on how Goff struggles with anything not middle of the field, so I do think Ben is working with what he’s got there


Is goff hurt?

I mean st Brown had more drops then catches.

Goff is garbage. He has a limp arm and Ben Johnson doesn’t know how to call plays when it counts. Too many complex routes when you need quick hitters to move the chains. Goff has no arm strength so Jameson Williams’ explosiveness is pretty much negated.


The only issue I have with Goff is he has next to no athleticism. He can’t extend plays or make plays with his legs.


I think a lot of it to avoid turnovers…but you can tell this offense struggles when teams focus on shutting the MOF down. Ben Johnson…zero screen passes as well. Cant get Jamo/Wamo the ball.

Offensively Line is also overrated.

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I thought when we drafted Jamo, we signaled Goff wasn’t our guy. They’re definitely not a good match

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