You know, I brought up maybe re-doing the snacks contract

And setting him up to retire as a Lion. I stated he outplayed his contract. I did this months before he mentioned it. I also mentioned as part of the deal, we could get an extension and lock him up.

I have since rescinded my support because of his hold-out shenanigans. I think Domata Peko is adequate. I don’t like players who pander their services in the press.

How do you guys feel?

I’m okay until he doesn’t show up for training camp proper. I know these were “mandatory” OTAs, but it’s not the same. Miss camp, and I’m officially on the fence. Miss actual games, and you’re done. But that’s my opinion, and my opinion doesn’t matter in this case. It’s just how Quinn feels about holdouts.

I don’t mind. He’s a veteran and though it doesn’t set a great example for the young dudes, he is minimizing the time he might get injured before a new contract. He will be fine come preseason

The organization knows it’s a business move and nothing personal. It’s a weird little dance they are doing. I’m sure the lions want to extend him but don’t want to appear too eager themselves because it sets a bad precedent for future players discontented with their ink

Have to let the players take a little heat at least and get a little antsy before giving in to demands

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Just an idle thought - maybe he doesn’t like to run laps. I don’t know the guy, don’t know what shape he’s in, don’t know how he feels about the kind of training camp that Patricia runs, maybe I’m all wrong. I don’t doubt that getting more money IS the primary issue, but 350 lb guys don’t like to run much.


Snacks doesn’t disappoint on the field. The current agreement creates this sort of scenario because the teams can cut you and you end up with nothing except what was guaranteed. So until that changes, I won’t hammer players for choosing what is best for them.

That said, I hope they rework and get this done because he is a talent and adequate isn’t going to be good enough yet.

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Don’t care. He’s Suh, Avril, Fairly, Hill…
Just another hired gun out to get richer. He’ll get paid somewhere. It’s just too bad he’ll count against the cap until somebody signs him.

You can pay Jesse James what he’s getting and you can’t afford to make this work? We don’t replace star players with someone who is adequate, that’s how you go backwards.