You’re playing in a golf scramble, which 3 Lions do you take with you?

Inspired by this article:

Mine: Ben Johnson, Hutch, Dan Campbell

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Hutch-Fun factor

MCDC- Drunken fun factor

Fox- Dude is probably like a 6 handicap. Punters have time to practice a lot offseason.

ARSB just misses…his technical approach, self drive and hands make me think he’d play pretty well. Plus! Swearing in German sounds Freaking Awesome.

Guy I’d like to teach? Manu. 6’8" 350 all muscle and smooth athlete? Damn scary off the tee if it goes straight.

Holmes probably hustles guys for $$ on his days off, like all 3 of them.

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I’d golf with Sewell, Rags and GG. Olinemen are hilarious and you know there is gonna be lots of snacks involved. GG comes across as a complete goofball so he’s a must.

Honorable mention to Manu. Who might kill someone with a driver.

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Ragnow and Goff these two based on how Ragnow spoke about Goff when they went fishing together. I suspect it would be a bunch of giving each other shit the whole day.

Then probably Hutchinson, some DL/OL crap and if it was a charity even then definitely Hutch as i think his family would be there. And some great UM stories from OSU win to Harbaugh

Calvin, Rob Simms, and Charles Rodgers. We may not win, but we are going to party.


Uh, Charles Rogers died in 2019…

If we’re going with dead guys, Bobby Layne would be driving the party train. Only question is who goes and finds him in time for tee off. Sounds like a job for @Weaselpuppy.

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One bong rip for all 18 holes… :joy:

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To win the scramble:

Goff, Fox, and maybe LaPorta?

Goff, LaPorta, decker.

MCDC, Holmes, and Hamp.

This is the best networking opportunity for a job in the front office.

Also, if you know scrambles, the secret weapon is always the lady that can hit em straight off the ladies tee…leaving the Bombers to Max Effort from the whites (or blues if its a scramble full of players)

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I’m a handful of years from becoming The Secret Weapon off the gold tees…because I have lost my Bomber status the last few years.

Not sure if Im more enthused or depressed.

Anyone that hit their long irons better than me. Which is not much of a challenge.

Fox, Goff and Holmes.

I replaced my 3 iron for a 60 degree wedge.


Goff - he is probably a good golfer because of his name
McNeill - he played baseball. I want to see him crush it off the tee
ARSB - his short game is probably outstanding.

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Goff , St Brown, Jamo.

Which 3 Lions do I take with me? It depends. If I’m playing for high stakes against Team Mafia, I’m taking Sewell, Dirtbag, and Skipper for protection. Otherwise like @farmerted, I’d go with Goff, McNeill and ARSB.