Your all time favorite NFL player

Isaac Bruce
Jared Goff

If we’re doing non Barry my list is:

Larry Fitzgerald
Kurt Warner
Tony Gonzalez
Herman Moore

Bubba Baker on defense.
Barry on offense. Amon Ra is making his case, though.

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I have tremendous respect for him as a player. Until recent years, he’s been very dangerous.

And, the guy has the best TD to INT ratio of any QB in NFL history: 475 to 105.

Brady is 649 to 212.

I think the next best is Russell Wilson with 334 to 106.


You know, sometimes a player or a coach are the reason you love the sport. Lombardi, Landry, Parcells… Singletary, Payton, Tarkenton, Bradshaw, Staubach, Marino… Some of these guys were bigger than life and drew you into the sport.

In 10 years, no matter who’s boxing, Mike Tyson will be it for me.
No matter who’s playing tennis, Serena will be it for me.
No matter who’s playing hockey, Yzerman will be it.

John Elway and Dan Reeves made an indelible impression that will be hard to outshine. I could definitely see Sewell doing it, though. The first thing I think of with Elway is his broad shoulders carrying the weight of the team for better than a decade before it was finally equipped to secure a championship. Sewell has those broad shoulders and quite possibly the rare athleticism to endure 10+ years as a starter.

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Barry. I’m not sure if I ever would of became a Lions fan without him.

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I like Erin now that he is no longer Packer, and only has one good leg.

cop car GIF by South Park


You’re banned, too



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Barry Sanders
Herman Moore
Corey Schlesinger
Bennie Blades
Robert Porcher

Non-Lions players:
LaDainian Tomlinson
Marshall Faulk
Randall Cunningham
Ronnie Lott
Ed Reed

Barry #1 with Larry Warford a close second.

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Barry Sanders. I still watch highlight videos, even though I’ve seen every one of Barry’s runs multiple times. :joy::joy::joy:

Favorite non-Lions?

Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.

And since we are being honest, San Fran is my second favorite team. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:



Barry by a quarter mile.

Most exciting player in nfl history


This is interesting to me.

Barry by a mile…obscure Lion who I still love is…

I was also partial to the 90’s Bills - Kelly, Thurman, Smith, Reed, Bebe…really enjoyed watching them and the Reich playoff game hooked me on football!

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Barry Sanders

Then Matt Stafford

Billy sims
Bubba Baker
Doug English
Bennie Blades are some of my favorites
And Chris Spielman

Got add St Brown hell he is right after Stafford

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Barry definitely first.
Bubba Baker popped into my head right away
Other teams I really liked watching Walter Peyton, Jerry Rice (though I don’t really like SF), and really can’t leave out Megatron.

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