Your all time favorite NFL player

Mine is troy polamalu .Do you agree the best ever catch made was Troy polamalus diving catch than the hyped obj catch ?Watch this video, Troy is the humblest player in NFL

Chris Spielman or Barry Sanders. Hard to pick between the two.


John Elway.

Barry Sanders.


If Saint Peter scalped me one last ticket, I’m going to see Barry Sanders.


For 10 years, whether the Lions were good or not, I couldn’t wait to turn the TV on Sunday afternoons to see what Barry was gonna do.



Lawrence Taylor.

Redefined the position, changed the way defense was played, and displayed more raw athletic ability than any defensive player before or since, IMO.

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Leonard Thompson, David Hill, or Doug English. Hard to choose.

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I feel like if I wasn’t from Michigan, I would still be a Lions fan because of Barry Sanders. My second favorite player is…wait for it…Aaron Rodgers.

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Barry. I’m not sure if I ever would of became a Lions fan without him.

Might need to do favorite Non-Barry player. Because that’s my choice every time.

Favorite non-Barry player. Mine was Darren Sproles, Brian Urlacher (despite the team), and Derrick Henry.

Man I don’t have a favorite

Peyton Manning is a dude I loved to watch operate.

I love a good run game. Those old Washington teams with the Hogs and Riggins was fun. The Denver teams with that stretch run game was sweet. Give me a sweep pitch to Campbell or Sweetness and I am happy.

I love watching a Stafford pass or Marino or Fouts all 3 throw some of most beautiful spirals

Ok to be clear. Of course I loved watching Barry…I will always feel a bit unfulfilled with his career because imagine him with this Lions team.

If we are talking strictly Lions

Barry of course
Bubba Baker
Billy Sims was my first love with Lions
Herman Moore
Doug English
Lo Brown
Bennie Blades
Jerry Ball

There are more Lions of course. But those are some big ones. Wait Mel Gray I loved watching that guy do his thing on returns

Al “Bubba” Baker was a joy to watch. Destroying offences against the pass AND run. The only athlete I’d put ahead of him is Steve Yzerman. Another thing if I may add, Michael Jordon is far and away my most HATED athlete. Rather kiss Erin…

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We’re on a GD Lions site!
Your answer better be Barry, or Calvin, or Sims, or Stafford or Speilman/Boyd/Sewell/Layne/Lane/Tate/Quin…
Otherwise, seriously, GTFO.

…ahem, no Bubba?

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I have a couple:

Barry Sanders
Lawrence Taylor
Ronnie Lott
Walter Payton
Dan Marino

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I knew I’d miss a few.
And Porcher…
And Hanson!


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Barry, what he gave left the rest of the league in awe. It was our shinning moment during a long time of quiet desperation.