YOUR idea for Lions New Regime

First off Rod Wood ain’t going anywhere, he’s a trusted advisor to the Ford family, but I’m confident we can coach him up. So I think we need a trusted football mind to pair him with. Like a VP who can bridge the gap between Sheila/Rod and GM/Coach. I like Chris Spielman for this, he’s well respected amongst front office, players and alumni. I think Rod and Chris will learn from eachother, and this is a great opportunity for Chris to continue growth in his career.

Next, up GM… Ed Dodds from the colts, love what he’s done, scouting, efficient in Cap Management, draft, free agency, and trades. Not many GM’s check all these boxes. This guys got experience, hes credited with pushing for Russel Wilson back in his Seattle days, and was the main component in the drafting off Quentin Nelson and Darius Leonard. Known for getting steals in the mid to late rounds in Drafts.

Coach Robert Saleh, hometown boy, potentially first ever Arabic head coach in NFL, we have a diverse community, he’s a natural fit… Fiery Defensive Mind, we’re the bad boys, we’re Detroit, we’re a blue collar, hard working kick you in the mouth town, that is and should always be this team’s identity. This guy has steadied a injury plagued defense, and from what his players have said is a true leader of men.

For OC he brings with him highly respected 49ers run game Coordinator Mike McDaniel’s. Shanahan takes this dude with him everywhere he goes, and I see why. Look at the success this dude has had with no name RB’s, now imagine what he can do with a talent like Swift. Hell Kittle tried to add a clause into his contract that McDaniel’s has to stay in san fran. Our team should be able to run the ball at will and play top notch defense.

Now I imagine Saleh will wanna initially call his own defense, or at the very least have a large imprint on it. So for this we bring in someone that both the Lions and Saleh are familiar with, and that is Kris Kocurek. It’s time to give this guy a bigger opportunity, always stood out to me back in the Schwartz days, and seems to get the best out his d-line, and I think we can all agree we want a dominant dline.

Special teams need no change, Coombs in a young fiery coach that fits the mold of what the other hires entail.

So there it is

VP - Chris Spielman
GM - Ed Dodds
HC - Robert Saleh
OC - Mike McDaniel
DC - Kris Kocurek
ST - Brayden Coombs


I’ve got to say, I was pounding the table for Joe Brady because of what he would bring X’s and O’s wise, but I’m starting to get concerned that he might not be great at the other qualities a great head coach needs. Saleh is my second favorite guy and might be overtaking Brady because of that, although I still want my high flying pass heavy offense. If we can get a great modern offense with a good leader like I think Saleh could be, then sign me up.

I like the John Dorsey idea, and I think we need above all a retread GM who’s a good talent evaluator and drafter, and that’s what Dorsey is. If he can get the coach right, he’s the perfect option.

OC I’d throw all the money I could at Brian Hartline, WR coach OSU, and see if he bites if Saleh is the HC. Young guy who did OSU’s redzone playcalling for a while and would be that great young modern offensive mind we’d need.

Oh, and if we don’t keep Brayden Coombs, we’re a bunch of idiots.

I’ll fill in mine as I come up with it because I have no idea who I’d put in certain positions right now

GM - John Dorsey
HC - Robert Saleh
OC - Brian Hartline
ST - Brayden Coombs

Do some digging on Mike McDaniel

Mike McDaniel: The unsung genius behind the San Francisco 49ers’ running game

Kyle Shanahan previously blocked interview requests for him, while George Kittle wanted him as part of his contract. Run game coordinator Mike McDaniel is the offensive mastermind behind the San Francisco 49ers’ rushing excellence.


Peter King thinks that it could very well be Saleh and that he would bring the 49ers director of player personnel as the GM (Adam Peters) and the OC (who has a big influence on the 49ers engine-like running game) as his OC (Mike McDaniel)

Yep several articles out there about Saleh, Mike McDaniel and Peters packaged together. A couple of positives that I keep seeing on Salah is that he is relatable (easy to talk with) and adjusts his defensive scheme. Those two traits should help a new HC gain respect. I’m warming up to this option, but still prefer a proven HC.

I’ve never been more wide-open in what I want for the Lions.

I’ve seen experienced coaches fail (Mariucci, Caldwell – well, fail is relative, but he couldn’t even get us to a playoff win.)

I’ve seen first-time coaches fail: (too many to count)

I’ve seen multiple GMs fail as well.

So, pick from any of the pots. A college coach. An experienced NFL head coach. A coordinator who’s never been a head coach.

Just be ready to move on if it doesn’t work – FAST.

A while back I posted a list of coaches who’ve won the last 20 or so Super Bowls. All but one or two had big turnarounds within a year or two of arriving.

This four- and five-year plan crap has to stop.

CHURN through coaches and GMs, until you stumble on the positive difference-makers.

Interestingly to the OP, Rotoworld had a blurb back in January that Dodds was no longer interested in the Browns GM job last year when they hired Stefanski as HC and that he wanted Saleh as his head coach if he became GM.

Peters is definitely a solid Choice for GM, but Dodds is widely respected around the league for his scouting abilities. If we are really gunna turn this around, it will be through the draft and I believe Dodds is the best talent evaluator available. He also has a connection to Saleh while with Seattle.

GM - no clue as I haven’t looked into it enough…but someone for the Raven or Steelers would work.
HC - Robert Saleh…seems intense and think we need more energy,
OC - Dan O…this may not be popular but I enjoy his breakdowns and he seems to understand where the game is moving. He also stated that the Lions need someone who understands the city and he definitely knows this team/city and fan base,
DC - Chris Spielman …another intense guy and I think the defence would run through walls for him and Saleh.
ST - Brayden Coombs. May even give him the title of A/HC

So you want two coordinators with no coaching experience?

That’s some out of the box thinking.


That’s why I think having Spielman as a VP works. Sheila and Rod don’t know shit about football. Spielman can let them no if it ain’t working.

I don’t care anymore. Just let the players do the coaching. Can’t get any worse.

Why not…go big or go home!

Yep! Let Stafford call his own game. 90 plays of uptempo gunslinging chaos. It might not win, but I would like to see it.

That would be a quick huddle.

“Everybody get open!”

I would love to have that style of running game here in Detroit, but I would hesitate to call McDaniel the mastermind behind the scheme. Its more of a group effort and he’s part of an excellent circle of coaches learning it. Its the same system Mike Shanahan was running in Denver when he hired McDaniel to be an intern. Its the same scheme Gary Kubiak was running with the Texans when McDaniel (offensive assistant) and Kyle Shanahan (wide receivers, quarterbacks and offensive coordinator) joined the Texans together. Its the same system that Mike Shanahan was running with the Redskins when McDaniel (offensive assistant, wide receivers) and Kyle Shanahan (offensive coordinator) joined the Redskins together. There is a year with the Browns they went together and I can’t remember what the run scheme was there. Then its the same system that the Falcons were running when McDaniel (offensive assistant) and Kyle Shanahan (offensive coordinator) went to the Falcons together. And now its the same system that Kyle Shanahan (head coach) is running with the 49ers with McDaniel as the run game coordinator.

It appears that ever since McDaniel and Kyle Shanahan coached together in 2006, Kyle has brought McDaniel with him literally everywhere he’s went. The only disconnect between their careers since that time has been 1 season where McDaniel coached the running backs for the Sacramento Mountain Lions. All in all it might be time for McDaniel to get his shot at being a coordinator. He’s paid his dues as an assistant coach and has learned from a great tree with Mike Shanahan, Gary Kubiak and Kyle Shanahan.

Pretty sure Mike McDaniel was on Saleh’s list as OC when he interviewed with the Browns, and reports say Dodds wants Saleh as HC, idk to me this all makes sense to me.

Sheila and Rod will never care, that’s why we bring in Chris Spielman as a VP to bridge gap between ownership, administration and team… I know Spielman probably doesn’t have credentials for a VP position, he’s just such a respected guy I think the players would talk to him, and the ownership would lean on him based on what he sees.

If that’s true, it sounds to me like the Browns were pretty set on wanting that run scheme. They run something similar now with the guy they hired, who learned it with Gary Kubiak.

I am not smart enough nor plugged into the NFL to make a lot of choices for a new coaching staff. Many on this website know far more than I do about who the good coaches might be. However, I do know I want John Dorsey as the new GM and I am content to let him find the right coaching staff. Dorsey has turned around two different franchises (Kansas City and Cleveland) and has demonstrated he can do the job. Last time, Martha turned to the NFL for help and we ended up with Quinn. I do not believe Quinn did a bad job overall, but the hiring of Patricia was a stupid mistake. If Quinn had cut him loose after two seasons, I would have been satisfied to let Quinn try one more time to find a coach. But he didn’t so I’m glad he’s gone. Consequently, I endorse the sentiment that we don’t need to hiring a first time GM. Let’s get someone who knows what they are doing and just get it done.

Bevell has four games to show he can be a candidate for the head coach, but after that, I would just let Dorsey assemble the staff he believes would be the best available.

Go Lions!


He viewed the coaching pool before and determined the best person available was Kitchens. That complete lack of judgment is a tough one to get past.