Your least favorite (or most hated) NFL player

So I’ll start this party:

Aaron Rogers. His need to always be at the center of attention is amazing. When he talks about successful seasons, he talks about MVPs, not Super Bowls. His latest spat with Sean Payton is just another example. When things go wrong it’s never his fault. If there was a classic narcissist in the NFL….it’s him.

I invite anyone to come up with a bigger delta-bravo than him.


All the dudes that have been suspended for beating up their wife/girlfriend. There’s a bunch of them in the nfl.




Aaron Rogers. It’s not even close.

Yep. Like Tyreek Hill. Who beat up his kid. Nice.


Leonard Fournette and Kenny Golladay.



Probably Tyreek Hill? Guy’s pretty much a monster but it’s ok because he’s really really fast

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I’m not going to do the off-field stuff (hello Aaron Hernandez). Mine has to be A-Rod. At least with Favre there was respect (until recently). With A-Rod it’s just ■■■■ off, sir and has been the entire time.

  1. Erin
  2. can we include coaches? Fatty Patty
  3. Michael Irvin
  4. Prime time Sanders
  5. Erin again, cuz f#@k him

Erin is the obvious choice.

Personally, Tark was a thorn in my ass throughout my early teens. A pretty good version of Barry in the quarterback position.

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Angry Season 9 GIF by Shameless

Erin, because ffff the refs.

Rae Carruth

Aaron Rodgers , Justin Fields .

Ben Roethlisberger and it may not be that close for me. A complete DB, rapist POS. I could have thrown a party when he finally left the NFL.

In general, any of the players that beat on women. Or have some serious abuse stuff going on.

With all that said. I try not to look to closely at most players as I want to enjoy the game. As I love the game of football and try my best to not let the POS players ruin the enjoyment for me.

Again another reason I love this version of the Lions. I do think that MCDC and Holmes take these types of issues in consideration more than maybe other teams. For instance I think that character issues are why they did not re-sign Prater. Even though they had to know that they would struggle to find anyone near as good.

I do find Rogers annoying and douchy but he is also kind of insane in a way that entertains me. And know that he can no longer beat the Lions, so I am a bit sad that he is gone.

Most players I dislike are due to things off the field.


No doubt a big DB, but whenever i think of him, this commercial comes to mind. At the time, he was not well known. It still cracks me up.

Greg Hardy

And Jerry Jones for giving him a huge contract

Aaron Rodgers and it’s not close.

Dude cut out his family of origin, after they had apparently raised him to be a narcissist and then weren’t good enough for him anymore. Hasn’t spoken to his parents since 2014. The whole world revolves around him.

Probably most of all I despise when he raises his arms looking for a flag, something he does far more often than any player I’ve ever seen. It’s like he suffers narcissistic injury when everything doesn’t work out perfectly every time.

I hope the Jets crash and burn and he gets run out of NY tarred and feathered. Nothing personal though.

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Kaepernick. Not because of a his kneeling. Just couldn’t stand him as a qb.

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