Your top lowlights of 2019

What are your top 3 low-lights of 2019? Mine:

three: “We want to be a play-off contender”
two: Quandre Diggs trade for a 5th rounder
one: Jeff Rice’s phantom hands to the face call.

One and Two took the heart out of the team. Three lowered the bar for next year.

Put in order that they happened during the year:

A. Kerryon’s fumble vs the Chiefs that was returned for a TD
B. The phantom hands to the face and “missed” pass interference call on the Packers
C. Game winning TD throw by Dwayne Haskins, followed by taking selfies


Packer game Hands to face (x2)
Packer game no PI
Packer game The fumble that never was


These were the lowlights for me as well.

I’d put the Diggs trade in there somewhere. I’d put the Stafford injury in there somewhere. I’d put the Kerryon Johnson injury in there, too. I was really hoping to see KJ last the full season to put these concerns behind him. Unfortunately, the concerns proved to be legitimate.

There’s been no shortage of disappointments I suppose, have there?

I think, above all though, was predicting the Lions would be 4-12, then getting off to a 2-0-1 start thinking I was WAY off and that this team is much better then I thought, followed by seeing them fall short of that lousy prediction.

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our defense going from top 10 to 31st ranked and then starting all our depth players

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Yeah, it was strange.

There was this feeling that we had a good D-Line and a good secondary.

2 weeks/2 screwjobs later = “We are the worst” sinks in to the fan mentality, and then we truly were.

It’s been a truly bizarre season.

  1. One play, 14 pt swing (KC)
  2. The bend over and take it (GB)
  3. The Diggs trade
  4. The final debacle in Oakland
  5. Stafford going down
  6. Kerryon going down.
  7. Matty given another year.

Let’s not forget the timeout against AZ


Good list!

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*3. NFL putting it on blast that they would not allow us to beat GB in one of the most ridiculous displays of crooked officiating this league has ever seen.

*2. Building a defensive front that consisted of 3 pressure players knowingly unavailable for a portion of the season.

*1. Disregarding the futility of the previous regime’s selection of a TE in the top 10 of the draft.


Hopefully the next coach doesn’t come from a team that had a star TE. Lombardi wanted his Jimmy Graham and Patricia wanted his Gronk

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The entire DL at training camp. They were either out of shape, hurt or green.

Highlight of the season is right here:


I like OP’s list.

I’d only add to it 4th-and-18 against the Chiefs. Stop them and you’re the hottest team and talk of the NFL.

And defensive guru Matt Patricia doesn’t have a spy on Patrick-Effing-Mahomes. (At least not a capable spy, anyway.)

  1. Waking up in February and deciding to stay a Lions fan.
  2. Spending all spring/summer letting many wonderful souls here slowly convince me that this year will be different.
  3. Spending much of my precious time watching the preseason/season of the Lions. (I mean, I’d just be playing video games or something. But still… classic wow dropped!)
    Honorable mention: #4.
    Knowing that next season will be the same exact 3 things!


Repeatedly watching Jarrad Davis and Christian Jones get torched in pass coverage.

The adamant refusal of Matt Patricia to blitz in the first 8 games of the season

The officiating nonsense that occured in the Green Bay game. It was so bad it made national sports news that week.

This is it for me. It’s the reason why I haven’t watched the NFL since.


Not a season lowlight, but continual salt in the wound, watching GB get consistent preferential treatment from officials, and even commentators. Other teams have to pray for an hones review, as every meaningful call on the field will go in the favor of GB. Holding calls missed, PI calls missed, everything called against other team (wether it happened or not).

Truly sickening. Refs are giving them at least 2 or 3 games/year.

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I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the teams that are nationally broadcast most of the time: Green Bay, Pittsburgh, New England, Dallas – also are the teams that benefit the most from biased officiating.

The league knows who it wants to go far.

Occasionally, a team will be so good that they disrupt that dynamic – the Seahawks from a couple of years ago, for example. The Saints, sometimes.

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Agree - the Kurt Warner teams (Rams & Cards), Steve McNair’s Titans (loved that dude), and occasional others.