You're good enough for Detroit!

What a really special thing to say. Simple but poignant. Dan is a savant with his communication abilities. I think that’s lost on those that don’t follow the team closely.


They tried playing it off this week but everyone knew what the real storyline was.

Hint: it wasn’t Matt


Jared is a good QB, when he has protection, but its funny all this ball busting of Stafford for not being more touchy feely after losing. Jared is about the least touchy feely guy I can think of on the team. As soon as his career here is over, he’s probably never coming back. It will be back to California. And if you’re a fan, stay the hell away from his house. Nothing wrong with that, just who he is.

Dude was borderline crying last night. He got the entire stadium and locker room chanting his name. He will definitely be back.

Can’t say where he will live after his career as he and his fiancé’s family are in California. He will definitely be back.


Dan is so eloquent and concise. Like a Hollywood script writer but it all comes from the heart spontaneously. We have an amazing head coach. No matter how many coordinators get promoted, as long as we have MCDC we will be fine.


Detroit is Goffs 2nd home at worse hope. Maybe he keeps a house here after football


Jared is a good teammate for sure, I’m just picking up on he’s not a super fan of the fan interaction outside of the office. And I think that is his decision to make. He’s very blunt and honest about it. I like people that don’t pretend to be what they’re not. A lot of phonies in the world especially in the entertainment business.

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Just curious but wasn’t he the Lions Walter Payton’s man of the year 2022?


Charity is a place where we often see phoniness. I think even Mahomes has a charity. But unlike other things, I will never criticize charity. There is no bad reason for doing charitable work. If you have more money than you know what to do with, yes give to charity.

To quote exactly: “I’ll just say it like this, you’re good enough for ■■■■■■■ Detroit, Jared Goff!”. Chills.

Jared huddling up: “We got three more of these we want to win and it starts right here next week with whoever wants to come play us.

These guys aren’t scared of anyone.


For sure Dan is innocent and had no ego , just an average guy. I trust average guys with humor sense than people who are more smart .Average guys care more. In sports caring building confidence. Smart guys are more ambitious and sometimes they forget to improve the weak

Pretty sure Goff still lives in LA now. I know he was a big community guy down in Socal. I’m sure he’s doing the same in Detroit. Goff is more reserved than most I’d venture. But if he retires a Lion he will always embrace Detroit and everything it is to be a Lion.


He lives in Manhattan Beach I believe. He bought two properties there right next to each other to get a very large lot size.

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I agree. We’re busting Stafford’s balls because he confirmed that his love for the city is fake. Jared is rather cold and polished. But he’s like that no matter what. And that makes him authentic. That’s how we relate to him. Us Detroiters, we’re authentic. People know what they’re getting when they deal with us. I’ve said on several occasions that Goff isn’t my type of QB or guy. But he isn’t fake about it. He’s a Cali dude and you can see it. And that’s ok.

You’re right though: Once he’s gone, he’s gone. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yeah, that was beautiful!

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[quote=“socko, post:9, topic:31126, full:true”]
Charity is a place where we often see phoniness. I think even Mahomes has a charity. But unlike other things, I will never criticize charity. There is no bad reason for doing charitable work. If you have more money than you know what to do with, yes give

Jared went into an urban high school and worked with the kids to build a business that they kids operate and is successful. He has donated millions to the city for various projects and you never hear about it. JG16 is his clothing line

Saying that Matthew did as well and still does. Either way, the city is blessed to have 2 great community guys that do care about the city and the people living in it

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I’ll take that bet. He may winter in Cal, but, he’ll be back here regularly.
People have a tendency to be where they are wanted. He never had a full stadium chanting his name in LA.
Kristen was there. She probably won’t let him leave.
They are now “Detroit”!


With the reception Detroit gave Jared in his toughest hour (meeting McVay in the playoffs IN Detroit) I don’t think Jared would WANT to play anywhere else. Why would he?

Jared is a Lion and at this point he LOVES this place. Doesn’t mean he has to be here full-time. No player is a full-time Detroiter. After the trade I’m sure Jared doubted everything about himself. And shit was rough early. But after the game there is NO doubt Lions fans believe in this guy an I think Jared loves this city. More than just a “they are paying me so I am doing what is expected of me” kind of thing.

In 2022 the Lions nominated Goff as their 2020 man of the year:
Walter Man of the Year 2022

His career will be defined and written in Detroit at this point. He knows that. At this point Jared isn’t only the guy who did what Matt couldn’t here (win a playoff game and hell, HOST a playoff game) Jared was here in dark times in 2021 and early in 2022. Jared was here when people wanted Campbell fired. Jared played poorly on a roster that wasn’t very good. Now? Lion fans wouldn’t let Stafford back on this roster over Jared.

It was Dan saying it but it was the Lions saying to Jared “we believed in you the whole time Jared. You are who we knew you were. And you are appreciated here in Detroit.”

What athlete DOESN’T want that?


What’s the deal with this?

You enter the thread complaining about “ball busting of Stafford” and then spin a fantasy clearly meant to “ball bust Goff.”

Don’t be a hypocrite.


I don’t know, I think his face itself is very schooled not to reveal much, good poker face. I can pretty much guarantee that there’s no love like Lion love, and if he gets us to the big dance, they’ll be building a statue.

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