You've got $15 to spend--your best NBA Super Team


LeBron, Steph, Kawhi, Durant, and Freak.

I love old school NBA, but unless we’re talking 70s mugger ball, the length and range of the modern players would dominate the old players.

From a valuation standpoint, Leonard is an absolute steal at $1, as is Wade. In fact, I initially had Wade on my team, but replaced him with Steph just to get my total spend closer to $15.

Shoot, just realized I mistook the Big O for Giannis.

That makes this surprisingly hard. I guess I’d go either Kobe or Wade in his place.

Magic. Jordan, Durant, Malone, Olajuwon

Olajuwon is by far the best value on that board.

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Jordan, LeBron, Shaq, Durant, Kawahi. C’mon now.

Worst value on that board is a tough call between Ray Allen Steve Nash who don’t even belong

Dirk at $4 is a pretty tough sell.

True. Malone does everything he does except shoot 3s, and rebounds a billion times better for $1.

Center- Hakeem (1)
Best value on the chart, with point value considered. IMO, the best center of all time. Whoever made this chart and putting him that low is out of their mind.

Point Guard - Isiah Thomas (0)
This was the equivalent of picking up Barry Sanders in the 6th round of the NFL draft. Whoever left him off this list, (in my best Ricky Bobby voice) with all due respect, can kiss my ass.

Small Forward - Mike (5)
Best player, especially clutch player of all time. Worth any point value assigned. He creates SO much space for Curry that it’s not fair. Get over yourself Mike, you WILL get along with Isiah.

Scoring guard - Curry (4)
As a fit with this particular team, the best shooter of all time is more valuable than Kobe, who under other circumstances, I would put first.Isiah will spread the floor as well as has ever been done, while mike draws a ton of attention. Curry may be the highest scorer on this team.

Power Forward - Chamberlin (4)
So yeah, we’ll be experimenting with the lineups as to who plays 4 and who plays 5, between Olojuwan and Chamberlin. We need Wilt for rebounding and clean-up dunks.

No 3 in the league can even flirt with defending Mike, but defensively, we may have challenges. We will trust Mike to guard a SF.

We are good on D, but put up higher scores than the league has ever known. In this case, offense wins championships.

My sentiments exactly

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MJ, Steph, Durant, Kawhi, KG

Still gotta go with Shaq diesel for $2 at C. With a backcourt of LeBron and Jordan and elite length on the perimeter with Durant and Kawahi. That team would just bully its way past opponents. No way you can match up and my D can switch 1 through 4 all no problem with Shaq protecting the rim.

I was in the process of putting together my team when the boys decided to wake up.

Olajuwon for $1 was an easy pick.

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Man… I’m screwed as I just spent my 15.00 on gas for my lawnmower … :crazy_face:

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Jordan, Robertson, KG, Durant, and Shaq. I also think Isaiah should be in there for $3. I’d take him over Robertson for the tough as nails factor at PG.

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I love Zeke. Big O invented the fade away and may have been the most overall skilled human at basketball ever.

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Magic Kobe Bird Barkley and Olajuwon

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I’m under-exposed. I’ve heard great things, but never seen as I probably should, of him. I love what I know of Bill Russel as well. That dude may have been the guttiest player ever. He cared…a lot!

MJ, Kobe, Shaq, Malone and either Nash, AI, Stocton or Payton, Thomas at point(2 will cost me zero).

Or give me Hakeem as a backup and Nash at point and the glove as a free backup point. $15 and a 7 man roster.

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