Z Smith wants to be Cut, Vikings are not allowing it

Per Rapport, Z Smith has asked the Vikings to release him from the team and current contract, but it looks like the Vikings so far have not agreed to the request.

Interesting situation brewing in minny rn

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do note as of over the past year or 2, Z smith has been reported to be a locker room cancer if things dont go his way (See him not being captain when he was at GB). Vikings could look to trade him, but it seems he wants out of his contract now, and look elsewhere.

Things getting Kwesi in Minny


You’re on a roll lately and I’m here for it


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So a guy gets cut from the Packers, because they don’t have cap space after giving Rodgers a bazillion dollars.

He signs with the Vikings, then underperforms.

Then the guy asks for a release, but it is not granted, which makes the player mad, maybe adds some strife to the locker room, and they still lacks the pass rush they expected out of him.

mr burns excellent

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He was terrific last year, the Vikes best defender.

I’m glad he’s upset though, great to see! ■■■■ the Vikings!

Psh… shows you what I know. This is why you should always take my opinions on here with a truckload of salt… :grinning:

In that case, dump the guy already, Kwesi! He is a cancer, and you don’t need a guy like that on your team! You can get by with nice guys with much less talent!

Makes you wonder if a couple of these apply:

  1. He’s a bit of a diva.
  2. Doesn’t like the Vikings’ chances moving forward.
  3. Doesn’t like the new defensive scheme.
    Any combination could be true.
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Terrified of Penei Sewell was my 1st thought.

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and…. more rumors flying in Minny…,

is Harrison Smith next???