Zach Wilson is not an NFL QB

They have to do something at QB. It’s not going to be Boyle. I bet they sign Dalton, Flacco or Wentz this week. I hate to say it again but I wonder if they try to lure TB12. Money talks.

Sign Wentz, I would say trade for Minshew but the Colts definitely won’t now since Richardson has a concussion.

I wonder what it would take to lure Fitzmagic out of the booth? The other options are all caretakers and Fitz can actually take over a game. He can also cost you a game, but if you want to chase a title you need someone who gives you the chance to elevate your offense.

He’s certainly not one today. Also, someone needs to check Micah. I no longer believe that he is real.

Chicken or egg? Did Ryan’s agent reach out to the Jets and they said “not interested” or did Ryan’s agent get a proposed salary range, which Ryan rejected?

Either way, looks like the Wilson era continues.

We will give them Teddy for a 2nd

I was thinking the Saints might be interested if Jameis lays another egg like he did this past Sunday.

I took Garrett Wilson in the 2nd round in my fantasy draft thinking he would have a great year with Rodgers. Ugh.

Just think there were a lot of Lions fans who wanted to dump Goff last spring…. Look at the QB hell some of the teams in the league are going through and you quickly realize why teams like MIN are keeping their QB.

I think the league is in flux at QB and there aren’t as many super stars as there once was.

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Many fans seem to want a QB on a rookie deal. Sounds great in theory, but good luck finding one that is actually good.

Even a so called can’t miss QB, like Trevor Lawrence, here he is in year 3 still having very mixed results.

Wilson, Fields, Lance, Mac Jones? Any of these guys actually good?

The Vikings would be stupid not to put cousins out there. You could get a pretty good draft haul and position yourself to get a franchise quarterback next year.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if they have inquired on Bridgecard. Hell I would trade him if the price was right. I was listening to fox sports earlier at work and they were saying they should go after Cousins, he is on an expiring deal and they are 0-3. That would be interesting.

If the money could work, and Im pretty sure it can’t,

Sean Payton Needs to Scapegoat someone and Russ is Candidate #1
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The shocking thing about Wilson is that as the Jets have gotten better around him, he has somehow gotten even worse. You would expect even a bad QB to elevate his game a little on a loaded roster even if his ceiling still isn’t good. It’s like for every good player the Jets add Wilson drops a few more points from his QBR.

I am fine with Goff making his current salary. The million dollar question in the extension though.

Joe Namath agrees with you:

This is bad:

It just dawned on me. Zach Wilson is a less likable Joey Harrington:

Wilson is in his third season with the Jets after being selected with the No. 2 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. A passer with a 54.9% career completion rate, he has thrown 17 touchdowns and 22 interceptions while averaging 6.3 yards per attempt in 25 career games. The Jets are 8-16 in games he has started

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It’s Kwesi. Cousins isn’t going anywhere.