Zane Gonzalez signed by Panthers

Ryan Santoso had the audacity to miss an extra point.

Apparently, it was done to avoid owing the Giants some magic beans:

In 2018-2019, he was with the Lions as a punter and kickoff guy.

any chance they have a gentleman’s agreement to bring him back next week?

That would be kind of hilarious to pull one over on Gettleman like that.

If I remember correctly, he actually was half way decent and had a big leg

You guys would have been proud of the Panthers kicker during warmups. He donked one off the goalpost. It was an interesting visual too because him and the Jets kicker were kicking at the same goalpost at the same time. The Jets kicker blasts a 58 yarder thru the uprights and then the Panthers kicker donks a 45 yarder off the goalpost with the next kick. :rofl: