Zay Jones released

Zay Jones might look good in Honolulu Blue


I thought this might happen. They had WRs coming out of their ears.

They also released kicker Joey Slye. Inaccurate on occasion but massive leg.

Didn’t he have some Sutton like charges? Doubt Sheila wants that.

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Forgot about this. Not happening with us and Jones.


Looks like they were dropped but still not happening. I had forgotten about that.


But Joey Slye?

There is a point where we will become a hypocrite. If Hutch, ARSB, Sewell, etc does something like that, they will not be given the Sutton treatment.


I brought that up when the Sutton situation was going down. He sucked last year it was easy to move on… but when it’s a star, the NFL tends to act very differently. Several examples of that.

Hope it never happens though


good memory bud


I can only remember extremely unimportant things :joy:


Exactly the kind of guy Fipp has no use for.

Yeah. PATe are his bugaboo.

Sutton didn’t get the treatment for what he allegedly did, he got it for knowingly dodging a felony (at the time) warrant after being informed, going MIA, and failing to turn himself in until after he was released. That looks bad for the league, protect the shield and all that.

I don’t recall Zay Jones taking those actions, so :person_shrugging: I wouldn’t say it’s a complete no-go. Really just depends on how they evaluate this specific situation :thinking:

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I’d be much more interested in Slye personally.

I wonder if it would be worth bringing in Jason Hanson as a kicker coach to try and coach better accuracy into whoever we roll out there.

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Hanson had a unique style dating back to Washington St. I don’t think he’d be a good kicking coach. Now the Cowboys had, or still have a guy not sure, who specializes in turning out these street free agent finds that are serviceable to good until their rookie deals are up, then they find another one. That’s the guy who I want.

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Might be a reclamation project for the ST coaches. Slye certainly has the leg, hitting on 62.5% of his 32 kicks 50 yards or more.

Brad and Dan were open and honest with the concept last offseason. They laid everything out on the table.

  1. FOOTBALL character comes above everything else. And FOOTBALL character should always be separated from personal character. Brad and Dan believe that if a guy loves football, he has a chance to self correct other personal issues because of how much he loves the game. Once the guy see’s that the bad parts of his personal character take him away from the thing he loves the most, a football junkie has a better chance to course correct.

  2. The juice needs to be worth the squeeze. They were clear that whatever you contribute on the field needs to be worth the headaches and the effort the staff puts into you. A guy could potentially lack personal character and football character at the same time. That is a double whammy that is hard to overcome. But if he does things on the field that are exceptional and consistently contributes to wins, they will find a way to work with him.

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would be a great WR3 for us

Another way to put it is if the NFL player is helping you win and helping make the league a shit ton of money… nothing to see here.

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Looking at Zay Jones character issues, it seems like the idea of jumping out of a 30 story building window naked is overlooked.