Zeke is still around

I always wonder if that means the athlete is waiting for a better deal, or if they slowly disappear into an unannounced retirement.

I’ll take him back on a 1yr, $2m show me deal.

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I started thinking about an Ansah return a couple of days ago, and using him in a more limited role as a pass rush specialist. I heard Marvin Lewis mention that last night on NFLN, and the more i think about it, the more im liking it.

A front four on obvious passing situations of… Okwara, Hand, Flowers, and Ziggy.

:sunglasses:But, where will Nick Bosa or Josh Allen play?

Word is he would like to stay here, but, he is visiting other teams. There is supposed to be a gentleman’s agreement that the Lions will be given the opportunity to match any offers.
My guess is he will be back.

I love Ziggy and hope there is a series of events that allow him to play here going forward.

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Yeah, like a contract that pays 50K per year.

Where’d you hear that?

A friend of a friend.
No, it wasn’t John. I still have connections in Auto service. Everybody gets their car serviced.

We do have cap space left…the gentlemens agreement seems plausible.

As does the idea of a 1 or 2 year heavily incentive laden contract

Flowers Hand Ziggy with Davis, Okwara and Kennard all flying around while Snax and Ashawn bust people up the middle.

They would be a stud mlb away from being scary as hell given slay and coleman can play man up and Diggs and Walker can move well…


In a reduced role he could maybe stay healthier. But he struggled to get healthy out of camp last year. When healthy he’s a top 10 talent at DE…when healthy. But damn, if he was healthy and you paired him with flowers, snacks, and hand, that would be a stout dline.

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My most recent dream senerio is to resign Ziggy, trade for CB ( I like P. Peterson), and draft D. White.

That would be a defense that could keep up with the other really good defenses in the NFC North.

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That would be nassssty

Sorry, but Ziggy should pay to play if he re ups here. Got paid 2.5 mil per game played in 2018. Figure that to be about 122k/play. Hard pass.

I can tell you for sure that is not the way the Lions look at it. He has played hard for this team and has been injured as a result of that hard play!
He wasn’t tagged because EVERYONE knows he’s a risk and isn’t worth the tag money, including Ziggy. That doesn’t mean he’s not a great player when healthy, or that he wouldn’t be a valuable player to have at a pro-rated cost.
His next base salary will be low with incentives for games played…and somebody is going to pay him. It might as well be us.

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There isnt much downside to resigning Ziggy to a low base, incentive laden contract, especially if its in a pass rush role…

…and, if he stays healthy, he could turn out to be the best FA signing of them all!

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