Misses 2 games, plays in about half the snaps of 4 games with 1 sack…and now hurt again.

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At least he has a sack. Glad he is gone, dude is either a big baby, or he just can’t stay healthy. Beast when he plays though.

He’s 50 years old what do you expect… lol

The man is going on SSI soon.


He’s still been just impactful as Trey Flowers


If all you count is sacks.

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Trey Flowers has been productive in 1 game maybe 2 this season.

Pressures, sacks how ever you want to measure it he’s been meh at best.

Ziggy makes roughly the same money as Mike Daniels has been more healthy the last 2 years and people threw a party when we signed him.

It’s safe to assume Ziggy is “week to week” or “questionable” for the rest of his career.