Zylstra waived 10/1

Can’t believe this went unnoticed.
We’re down to 3 TE’s. Hock, Wright, Mitchell.

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Maybe they are positioning for the addition of a WR if needed

I don’t think it went unnoticed. It’s just that he’s the #4 TE who has played 52 snaps, with 36 of them being on special teams. With how bad the defense is, they probably thought they were better off bringing back Pittman who (might) provide some depth on a bad defense and can also play ST.

It’s solely based upon injuries. With all the injuries they have, now to the WR group, they need roster spots.


… but maybe a little odd that they waive a fast, pass catching TE?

But yes, having an actual WR on the field is better than a makeshift TE (I think).

They also had to bring up a kicker with Siebert out today. A lot of injuries.

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That’s more like 2 1/2.

I’ve watched a number of TE’s this weekend. Looking for that BIG TE that can also catch a few balls every game.

Darnell Washington - Georgia 6’7", 270 lbs. He’s a grown ass man. Only a JR.


Mitchell should make his debut today then and provide better blocking than Zylstra could offer.

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You mean we’re down to 1.5 TEs

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