**10/5 College Football Thread**

Decent day for football. Michigan and Iowa play at noon. We’ve got Auburn v Florida as well. Ohio State vs MSU could go either way…either an entertaining game or a blood bath.

Feel bad for MSU, OSU is playing like they’re #1. Mich will lose again. Aub/Fla looks to be the best game of the day.

I am going to take Michigan State and the 21 points.

So glad I’m not able to actually watch the Michigan game (only tracking it on my phone).

It seems like another frustrating game to watch.

Snoooooooooore. Jim’s khakis had no wrinkles, and neither did his offense.


I can’t believe how ineffective that offense is. It doesn’t matter who the OC is. It looks about the same.
I say let Harbaugh’s contract run out and then hire someone like PJ Fleck.

Ohio State will kill Michigan again this year.


Shea Patterson really stinks. Another Harbaugh gem at the QB position. Still haven’t managed to beat Jake Rudock.


The offense stunk before Shea got there. It has stunk the whole time Harbaugh has been there.


Well they don’t have a star RB either, combine that with the bad QB play and they’re not going anywhere.

It is kind of shocking that Harbaugh has failed so badly at developing a QB. Maybe he didn’t have that much to do with how Luck played at Stanford.


He sure helped Colin Kaaperneck.

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I wish we’d move on from Patterson, he may be the only thing more overrated than Harbaugh. We are still 30pts below ND and tha osucku

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8-4 is looking like best case scenario. Depressing.

He tried. In the end he never could read NFL defenses and throw accurate, on time passes consistently.

Yep, I think so to.

They have at least 3 more losses coming (ND, PSU, OSU), and realistically a loss to MSU wouldn’t surprise me either. That UM vs MSU matchup might set the record for most 3 and outs in the history of college football.

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Please dont lose to ND.

We will. This is his last year.
If I was Ed McCaffrey, I would encourage my son to seek a transfer.

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I’m at a sports bar and have the MSU vs OSU game on right in front of me. We aren’t even done with the 2nd quarter and I’m tempted to ask the bar to turn it to UFC. As is I’m mainly watching UFC on a TV in the corner.

Texas is a fun team to watch. Too bad their defense is hot garbage

Most Big12 defenses are hot garbage

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