10 preliminary candidates to be the Lions top NFL draft pick in 2024



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I didn’t need to read anything beyond the first player mentioned. Robinson should 100% be the pick if he’s there at 29. Scheme versatile. Can play every position besides 0 on DL. Relentless work ethic. Good person. Local kid. Sign proven DB help. Draft lines.

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Good, solid article. Thanks @Tcmouse . The only one I don’t agree with is Wiggins. I just see him as a less athletic Christian Gonzalez. Gonzalez would have been seen as a solid pick for the Lions last year given their needs, but after missing out on Witherspoon, the Lions twice passed on taking Gonzalez. I think they are looking for something specific at CB, and if Gonzalez wasn’t it, I just have a hard time believing Wiggins will be.

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I would love JPJ for this team!

Great fit and fills a couple of holes when needed to……C/G

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