12 players projected to make the Lions practice squad

I think Gilmore makes the 53.


Well, he won’t clear waivers, so, use him or lose him.


Another reason to PUP Moseley … Starling, Lucas, and Gilmore showed out.

I still got Joseph over Iffy


Yep. Brandon Joseph has upside, a higher ceiling.
Thing is, I’m not sure that with Branch, Mosely, and Thomas, we need to keep a 4th Safety?

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Can’t have Nill Harris and Shifty Iffy both on the roster.

Only need 1 versatile guy that plays all positions below average.

Melonfondu to the PS

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He’s another one of those safety blankets. They only keep him out of fear, but, like Iffy, he’s just not good, and he’s long since reached his ceiling.
I don’t believe we will lose a game because he’s not on the roster. You’ll never convince me.

Me too. I just watched all 22 films break down his preseason and they said he is definitely a NFL caliber CB.


I actually think Iffy has the higher ceiling. It’s just that his likelihood of approaching that ceiling seems close to zero.

At least Joseph still has plenty of chance of fulfilling his potentially.

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Gilmore seems pretty special in terms of the intangible aspects of CB play.


Then how would he have a higher ceiling? That doesn’t make sense…lol

Why does it not make sense?

If Iffy were to hit his ceiling IMO it’s very high. You’d be talking about a player with legit safety size and diverse matchup abilities due to that size and his speed and agility. But given his injury history I don’t see his body holding up well enough for him to fulfill that considerable potential.

There is big gap in terms of their traits.

RAS score doesn’t = higher ceiling

Sure, I guess. There is in general a strong correlation between athleticism and upside.

Sooo, anybody that is athletic has a high ceiling for football.

Not sure about anyone but again there is a strong correlation between upside and athleticism.

I have followed some positions where I think RAS seems to have less bearing, and safety seems to be one of them.

I could definitely see that. I still maintain that in athletics in general there is a strong correlation between athleticism and upside and I hardly think that is a controversial opinion.

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It’s not. Branch had a RAS of 5.27, and Buggs was under 2. Certain WR’s who are great route runners but w/o the speed, etc. Generalizations are great until they are applied to a specific circumstance but that doesn’t make them less true.


Pretty much yeah, that is the definition of having a high ceiling.

Wait, so you don’t believe that in athletics there is a strong correlation between athleticism and upside?

Some of this is semantics of course and I would agree that safety is a position in which instincts is a great equalizer. And at every position in every sport there are going to be outliers.