1991 season

The last time the Lions were down by 28 or more at half time was 1991. They were down 35-0 to the Redskins. They finished the year 12-4, beat Dallas then lost to the Redskins in the NFC championship. This year they finish 12-5 or 13-4 beat Dallas in the Playoffs, make it to the Superbowl and play the Baltimore Ravens


Better not lose to Ravens again this season if the opportunity comes up to play them again.


Countless other examples of this.

Saints went into TB a couple of years back and punched the Bucs in the throat. 30+. Pretty sure it doesn’t say anything about that game anywhere on their Super Bowl ring.


Mark Brunell’s Jaguars only lost to 1 team in 1999. They went 14-2 with both losses coming to the Titans. In the playoffs they opened up by beating Dan Marino’s Dolphins 62-7. Then they lost their 3rd game of the season to the same team…the Titans. The Titans needed the Music City Miracle just to stay alive in the playoffs and eventually played against the Rams in the Super Bowl.

Sometimes a team is your kryptonite.

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Crazy to think we haven’t been down like this more often at half considering how bad we’ve been over those 30+ years. Color me surprised stat of the week!

Only thing taking the sting off this ass-slapping is the fact that the Ravens offense is pretty gimmicky.

The RPO action had them looking like high school kids on D all day.

Gus Edwards and Pat Richard had the longest plays of their careers.
Both plays indicative of how woefully unprepared for the Ravens hybrid RPO we were.

Would be apropos to play them in the SB.

We’ll need 2 impact deadline acquisitions on D to make that feasible

Lions lost in November in 1991 to the bears

1991 National Champioins were the Washington Huskies. They beat Michigan the last game of the year to remain undefeated.

Lefty Mark Brunell (current lions coach) was the QB for the Huskies.

WEIRD coincedences.

@frm710 @Bols @Mr.Peabody speaking of Mark Brunell


This one was very close:

Down 27.

In looking back, during the period from 2003-2008, the Lions were frequently down by 21-27 points only to fold the tent and have things get much worse in terms of the final score.

As irritated as i would be, if it was that outcome but lions went to the superbowl i would accept it


There is a lot to unpack there.

First, everyone is already picking Michigan to win the Natty (im talking national championship, not our awesome Natty). I think it’s warranted, because Imo, Michigan is the best team in the country.

However, watching Penix drop dimes last night scares the shit out of me. Our D-backs are awesome, but there is no defending that kind of shit.

Im picking Michigan, of course, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Washington plays much better than people think they will.

If this is an omen to how it will play out for the Lions, I’d gladly trade a National Championship for a Superbowl. I’ve seen all my Michigan teams win a championship except The Lions. I would really love to see them win before I leave this world.

Does this answer what you were looking for?

Good response thank you. Wasn’t looking for an answer…I don’t think there is one.

Very ironic all these coincidences…we’ve been taking 1991 Lions season parallels.

Now we got Mich vs Wash rematch

With lefty Penix.

If Ben leaves, does he take Brunell with him? Do they draft Michael Penix??

In 1991 Michigan lost to Wash. Lions lost NFCC.

These would considered great years

But to be so close and fall short. Ughh

Last 12 win season was 1991…

last 4 playoff berths we lost on last week

this year we won

We beat Dallas round 2 1991

Also in regular season. Was at both games. The regular season game was the last time I saw a few of my college friends


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