2019 RB unit. RUSHING

  1. KJ 403 yd 3 TD

  2. Bo 377 yd 1 TD

  3. Ty J 273 yd 0 TD

  4. JD Mc 205 yd 0 TD

  5. Tra Carson 34 yd 0 TD

  6. Wes Hills 21 yd 2 TD

1,313 yd 6 TD’s

I think there’s a good chance those top 3 guys will provide more rushing production in 2020. So will the rookie RB, assuming they draft one. I kinda liked McKissic, but money talks.

With any luck, the former 6th Rd pick from Maryland never sees the field in 2020.

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6 RB’s and not one of them cracked 500 yards rushing, did we even have a RB that played an entire season?
I get it’s RBBC but 6 different RB’s and the whole group gets 6 TD’s ? your to RB misses half the damn season and HE is your top yardage runner with 403 rushing yards (KJ) ?

these guys are all over the map !

That’s not the saddest thing it’s the fact the longest run of the season was 30 yrds by Bo. Kayron longest was 20 yrds. Bo 30 yrd run is the only thing you could call a big play. Getting one big play all season from your run game is sad. And your starter and #1 RB has 0 big plays and his longest run is 20 yrds on a 113 rushes. Kayron only had 3 games were he had a run of more then 10 yrds.

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This is exactly why I think RB should be a high priority. I’m tired of hearing talk like this one below.

No offense Wiseacre but these type of comments are what Lions fans have been saying since Barry retired. It is time we fixed this issue.

35 - Johnathan Taylor

I figure adding a quality RB would equal 2-4 more wins. I think we get the most value out of any position by getting a top level RB.


Actually, there were several long runs by the Lions that got called back for penalties. I know that Bo woulda had 2 100 yd rushing games but for penalties. And that was with the crap we had at QB over the back half. And I’m sure Kerryon woulda had more long ones too, if they weren’t called back.

The truth is that the Lions weren’t that bad running the ball, they finished in the middle of the league for rushing yards and woulda done better except for penalties and injuries.

I doubt that. Why should we believe Taylor is any less likely to be injured than any other RB? He’s a rookie, and rookies are prone to making mistakes. I think the Lions would be better off waiting until Day 3 to take an RB, and use those earlier picks to upgrade the Defense and the OL.

It makes no fiscal sense to use a pick in the first 2 rounds on an RB when you operate an RBBC approach and you are paying your franchise QB $30 mil/yr to pass the ball. Especially when your defense stinks and the OL is looking pretty shaky.

If I’m the Lions I try to sign an FA RB and draft an RB on Day 3, and use my draft capital elsewhere. Tell you what though, if they do trade down and get an extra pick in the 1st or 2nd, then a guy like Taylor becomes more enticing at #35. I still wouldn’t do it though, I’d rather get a CB, DE/Edge, and an OT with my 1st 3 picks and THEN go get my RB in the 3rd or 4th. I don’t see the value of Taylor at RB over the other RBs they already have, a position that is notorious for injuries and short careers.


LOL at no time EVER was I advocating drafting a RB @ #3 with our first pick , I have made it no secret that I am hoping like hell we get Chase Young with our first pick…I’d take one with our 2nd pick to …I mean (RB) EITHER 2nd OR 3rd round (not both) but we need to bolster that defense, that is JOB one this offseason…any offensive players are a hope to refine and improve in little areas.

where the defense is a gaping wound and the bleeding has to stop there ‘more’ or we won’t win crap.

I’m with Air. We have KJ who couldn’t stay healthy even in college. Bo with his own injury history, and Ty who has poor vision.

I saw plenty of holes missed by KJ and Ty, Bo seemed to do best getting what was there.

Our run game lacks a home run threat and health and has since Best, (home run threat) when our offense was at it’s best.

Our Oline ranked 11th oa, our run game should have been better. Like usual we lacked health and quality depth and went through numerous backs before settling in Bo.

Taylor s fumbling issue is over blown. A handful of those were on tosses. His lack of production vs OSU or MSU can be tied directly to a poor pass game. It’s relatively easy to shut down the run with a very good run D when the offense to isn’t a threat in the pass game.

One of Swift, Taylor, and Dobbins should be very high on our list. Like Air, I believe we win 2-4 more games last yr if we had a upper tier RB. all those close losses where a 1st down ices a game or 1 big run for a score is the difference, not to mention forcing a D to play different because the RB is a threat to hit a home run, giving you that extra 1/2 step in the pass game.

Bevells offense is built around the run. We need to have the RBs and depth to make it work. Our depth and health isn’t good enough, IMO.


They all ready invested most of FAs on the defense. We now have S Harmon, DT Nick Williams, DT Danny Shelton, LB Jamie Collins, CB Trufant, LB Reggie Ragland, CB Roberts ,S Kearse another LB Lee. That’s alot on defense and these are Patricia guys. People act like we done nothing for the defense. And we replace wanger Havarti.
We got room to help the offense too. And I disagree other then Bo our running backs suck including KJ.

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Glad you’re back.


Thank you sir, been tied up lately, nice to be back

Right on, the whole intent for this thread, I am tired of all the “would-haves” / “should-have” and Backs missing part of the season types, it’s getting too damn old . I am high on both Dobbins and Taylor, wouldn’t mind Swift.
Our run game scares no one and nobody respects it. I’d love that to change. all that said, I KNOW we’re going to utilize RBBC, I don’t expect every back to break a thousand yards…it would be refreshing if we even had a back that could get close…instead of having 6 backs to reach 1,300 on combined rushing yards…and 6 scores between them all.

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Yep, I like all 3 a lot. Swiift is the most elusive IMO, but each brings something a little different, and all 3 have good vision.

Well, let’s cut to the chase: how smart is it to draft one RB in the 1st 2 rounds when you’re running an RBBC approach? Especially in a draft that is deep at RB, your defense sucks, and your OL is suspect? Is that a wise use of draft capital?

My take? No, it isn’t. Not when you need a CB, pass-rushers, and an RG more than anything else. It’s not like you can’t get a decent RB on Day 3.

Depends on how you look at it. Some wanted to spend big cap room on Henry or Gordon. A 2nd Rd pick is far cheaper and allows you to spend that capital on a fagent. One proven and more likely to have an impact. Also a plus RB is a position that can have an immediate impact, and rather than spend on a 2nd contract on an older back you get one Young on the cheap 1st yr contract.

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Maybe some of us want better then decent. I’m tired of decent I want a real RB.
And the comitity thing might be because none are good enough they tried Kayrron but he couldn’t stay healthy.

And you can definitely get a Good G at 3. This draft has Gs in every round it’s deep.

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Max your talking MAYBE 4 offensive picks, that’s IF we go WR or QB…the RB and O-line takes over in OA importance of the situation IMO…so we can easily just draft an RB and a quality O-lineman, then use all the remaining picks on defense. the shadow in the picture is, what the hell is Quinn going to do here?

In my head and heart there is no way that we walk away from this draft without SOME kind of pass rush…bare minimum.

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Second this. I’m somehow already settled with our defense being goofy. Our offense is close. If we get an RB, OL rounds 2 and 3, I’m good with dumping all the rest of our draft capital into defense, DT, edge… BUT - if we didn’t get Okudah in the first, I’d be hard pressed not to look CB in rnd 2. Okudah, the presumptive pick anyway, would give me some comfort about going O in the next two rounds.

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Because he has been very durable while KJ and Bo have not.

KJ has been here two season and barely played 16 games.

I think you maybe drinking the koolaid a little.