2022 mock NFL draft

Updated 11 hours ago. Has us taking the Oregon DE second overall. And Wilson a WR at 27. I’d personally rather see a LB or S there yet

Karloftis anywhere outside of the top 10 is a damn steal.
Penetrators are born or not at all.

Thibodeaux and Wilson is a dream 1st round for me. I also want To’oto’o later in the draft, and I want a safety. I just don’t want to pay up for Kyle Hamilton.

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Burks is the WR I’ve had my eye on, but he’s already gone in this draft.

Agree 100%

I like 1a Hamilton
1b Strong
2 Doubs

Carson Strong #1OA. Yeesh. I forget which poster that was suggesting he’d go top five. Perhaps I was wrong and he was right. Long way to go still of course.

Nice haul for sure

There’s definitely talent all over this draft, it’s just not as can’t miss deep as 2020 or the 2021 1st round.

Okudah might be our new Safety.

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2022 has more elite talents than the ‘20 draft did. Perhaps not as deep. Not sure about that.

I really like the elite defensive talent in ‘22. ‘23 looks to be off the charts good on offense potentially.

Just watched some highlights of the Malik kid from Liberty. While at the same time watching Lamar light things up on MNF. Would be tempting to get a QB with both elite wheels and arm talent

but defense dammit. defense

I think he ends up going #1OA

It’s weird… Usually when you hear a QB is 6’1" you suspect they’re really about 5’ 10".
In Willis’s case, he’s listed at 6’ 1" but you’d swear watching him he’s closer to 6’ 4".

He’s the QB I want. I want him bad, but I think I want Thibodeaux more now.

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Yeah, I just looked up his bio before reading your post and thought the same dang thing. He looks a lot bigger than only 6’1".

And that’s not pathetic. Not at all.

Corral is my favorite ‘22 QB but Willis has the highest upside. I definitely have Kat as number 1 on my wish list by a sizable margin.

Talkathon has us taking safety at 5

Those picks are so unbelievably inaccurate right now. I stalk that website. New England has the number 1 pick right now.