2022 Offense, My take

O-Line *Decker, Jackson, Ragnow, HV (?,) Sewell.
When a good RG is the weak link to our O-Line we have a true strength in the most critical building block for an NFL offense.

TE *Hock, Wright, FA/Draft pick. Tight end room looks decent to good thanks to Hock, we need some depth here. 5-6th round pick and a mid level FA.

RB *Swift, JW, Reynolds, Jefferson, Iggy. Great depth here, I am comfortable with any combo in our back field. Might have too many to choose from. Can we acquire out a 5th round pick for one?

WR * Reynolds, St. Brown, Kalif, FA, draft 2. If and a big IF, can we acquire a future star with our 2nd 1st rounder? Are we able to entice a good FA? If so we can have a solid WR room.

QB *The big question! No matter how talented the above positions become, can Goff take us to the playoffs? Our opinions really don’t matter, it’s all about what DC and Holmes believe. Do they think JG is our long time QB? I say Nope.

Your turn.

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Hasn’t Big V played well this year since moving to RG? Regardless, I agree that we need to grab another OG in the draft since Stenberg hasn’t developed.

Also, I would say Cephus needs to be in the conversation for WR. He can be a decent #4 or #5.


Here’s exactly what I hope it looks like…

LT: Sewell
LG: Jackson
C: Ragnow
RG: Vaitai
RT: Decker

TE: Hockenson, Bryant, late rounder
WR: Allen Robinson, Garrett Wilson, Josh Reynolds, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Quintez Cephus, draft pick
RB: Swift, Williams, Reynolds, Jefferson, late rounder
QB: Goff, Huntley-like backup


Willis-like backup :muscle::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I roll with the majority on OL & TE. we’re good there, maybe some rooks for depth/development

I think we will have ZERO issue getting a FA WR to want to come here. Draft a WR in the first 2 rounds (3 picks).
Bring in TWO high ceiling guys at WR, between the draft and FA.

Bring in Willis to be a developmental dude. He works out, we have fixed the future. He doesn’t, it still doesn’t cripple the organization and it’s growth.

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TE is a disaster, it’s Hock and nothing. Our only TE under contract besides Hock for next year has never taken an NFL snap and has had hamstring and concussion issue’s and is on the non-football injury list. Huntley Bryant is also only 6’2" and 245 and was an UDFA. Wright caught a total of 7 passes at Notre Dame and is also an UDFA. He’s caught 7 passes on 12 targets for the Lions, 57% completion rate and averaging 8.9 ypc, you don’t roll with guys who have those numbers in the NFL. There is going to be some really decent talent available at 97 and in the 4th but we don’t have a 4th. Not sure what the plan is but TE sucks right now.

A WR in our first 3 picks and 1 in FA, extending Reynolds, all of a sudden not too bad.

OL is in good shape for starters and having Nelson and Brown coming back is as solid as any unit in the NFL.

QB, I let both of our backups walk, they suck. IF they were improving and there were some ceiling involved I would be OK on a re-up, that isn’t the case. I would push for Mariota in FA and drafting Cole Kelley with a late pick. If Mariota isn’t available, I would see what Mitch T is going to do. Like Goff, a former Pro Bowler (2018).

RB looks pretty solid right now too.

So, FA QB and WR.
Draft, day 1 or 2, WR, and a 6th or 7th QB, late 3rd or 5th TE.

That leaves 6 draft picks and some serious dough in FA for D.

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Mo Allie-Cox is a FA I’d be very interested in but I think there will be offers for him to start elsewhere. He’s decent as a blocker but a promising receiving option with some upside.

Geoff Swaim is perceived to be a good run blocker if we’re looking to fill that and add a move TE late in the draft. Such an approach is probably the most savvy IMO.

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I agree on the starting 5, but not on Decker and Sewell’s positions. Sewell has been the best right tackle in the nfl the past 6 weeks according to PPF. Why would you move him back to LT, where he struggled a bit early in the season when Decker is solid on the left side? That makes no sense to me.

Ragnow is going to make a very good o-line already, dominate next year!


I would be totally on board with @HSVLion’s vision or something similar.

I think the only real questions are:

  • Do they keep Big V? - Yes, for at least a year. I suspect more if his play doesn’t drop off.
  • Do they draft a quarterback? - Hard no. I think Holmbell was committed to Goff even without this late-season resurgence. Given how he’s looked as of late, it would be close to malpractice to burn a high pick on a lottery ticket.
  • What do they do at WR? - I think they attempt to keep Reynolds. I think they get at least a #1 guy via FA, just to be sure. I think they’ll take the draft as it comes. That could mean a Wilson or a Burks, and it might not.
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And no major injuries between now and then!

The Colts are an above average team who can beat any team on any week…

J Taylor

D Leonard

Q Nelson

D Buckner

RB, MLB, LG, Edge…. They might have the best 1-3 RBs, best 1-2 MLBs, and best LG in the game.

That’s an easy formula….

Trade Down- add 2nd and 1st next year…

7-9…. D Lloyd - Our D Leonard

28- K Walker

34- D Jackson- Buckner (edge in our scheme)

2nd- J Dotson- speed WR

3rd - top Safety

Golladay comp- best OG

Kenneth Walker in the first? :scream:

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I’m not advocating that is what I’d do…

I’m saying taking low bust, high success rate positions vs premium positions pana out to just as good of teams.

Who is the Patriots top 3 DE, WR, CB, QB, LT?


If Waker runs a 4.5 or sub 40 and weights 225 plus, he sure looks like a 1,500 yard back.

Reynolds isn’t the guy. J Will isn’t the guy. Swift isn’t the guy….

If we can pop an All Pro Back in late 1, it’s better than many other options.

My opinion has changed with the play of Reynolds and Amon Ra. St Brown is looking like a stud slot WR. Not just serviceable, but very very good. Reynolds has the makings of a reliable #2 guy from what he has shown thus far.

I think a guy like DJ Chark in free agency would be perfect. He is the best deep threat in free agency outside of Will Fuller. He likely will sign fairly cheap Short term contract coming off of injury. Then draft Drake London with the Rams pick it maybe even the top of the 2nd. He is a beast and the best WR in contested catch situations. I realize people will say that isn’t Goffs strong suit. The facts are we don’t know If Goff will be here long term and he never had a 50/50 guy in his career. Who’s to say he can’t develop that skill set with a guy like London. We have enough guys who are reliable targets that can get open like Swift, st brown, and Hockenson. We need a physical A.J. Brown type WR that is a bully. We also need a deep threat. IMO Chark and London would complete this offense and make us very diverse. Then grab a TE in FA like OJ Howard, Max Williams, or Mo Alie Cox as they should all be fairly cheap. Would love to draft a QB in the 3rd as we need some competition for Goff and to get a competent backup. Maybe a guy like Ridder or Strong falls to the top of the 3rd.

QB Goff, Ridder/Strong
RB Swift, Reynolds, Williams, Jefferson, soggy
FB Cabinda
LT Decker, Nelson
LG Jackson, Kraemer
C Ragnow, Brown
RG Vatai, rookie?
RT Sewell
TE Hockenson, Maxx Williams, rookie/Bryant/Wright
WR London, Chark, St Brown, Reynolds, Cephus, Raymond

That is a very very good offense of Goff can play well

We need a bad ass inline TE. Preferably one with a little bit of athleticism based off of Josh Hill being our initial target. We need to go into 2022 with Hock as our second best blocking TE. That’s probably the biggest offensive need after outside WR.


Nobody has to game plan vs our TE’s right now, and yet you have posters here that think we’re good. 2 UDFA’s, they literally would be better off getting Nelson out there. He has played some TE this year, (tackle eligible), but they haven’t thrown him the ball. That might change, they should at least try it as he was a TE in HS.

Totally agree with you. I think our offense really needs an elite blocker there to really reach it’s full potential but we need another young guy with juice.

I’ve said before that I think this is a great draft for TE’s, just not that 1 or 2 top talents. Here’s something I don’t get, why isn’t your TE from Nebraska getting any love from the national media? He’s the perfect example of a guy who has been overlooked because of where he played.

Swift is the guy tho…and the depth behind him is well above average. RB is dead last in terms of need on this team.

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Hard to believe a guy as tall as Allen can be “overlooked”…. :wink:

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We want a blocking TE?

Wait until next year. Take Darnell Washington. That dude is a beast.

He doesn’t get targeted a whole lot, but there was a play in the SEC Championship game that he made where he just caught a pads because he was taller than everyone else. That impressed me.

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