2024 Draft Crush Thread

He’s a skinny, skinny dude.

He’s pure electricity. Like more than anyone in this whole class. Between the lines at least.

He’s 20. He’ll fill out. Feel the same way about Franklin. Plus I don’t buy Brown being 6’1" 166lbs.

Maybe he’s not anymore, but he still looks pretty skinny.

I think he’s a little over-jukey right now but as you say he’s still young, and you take some of that for the explosive plays it creates. And he has better contact balance for a guy that size than you’d think. I could see him becoming a crush of mine in time as well. But then I’m always crushing on receivers.

Just realized I didn’t have Ollie as a crush. That’s almost inexcusable.

Time for an update, I’m adding two edge players to my crush list. One is Latu who’ve I’ve been hesitant to add because of the injury history, but man I can’t get past how advanced he is. The other is Jalyx Hunt. Once he gets the QB in his sights he may be the fastest closer in the class.

Updated List of Draft Crushes:

QB: JJ McCarthy (Jman, frm710)
QB: Devin Leary (Jman)
QB: Michael Penix (farmerted)
RB: Blake Corum (Jman)
RB: Ray Davis (LionsBlood)
RB: Jaylen Wright (LionsBlood)
RB: Marshawn Lloyd (Thats2)
RB: Isaac Guerendo (TouchdownMyPants)
WR: Xavier Legette (Lyonfan1, Jman, farmerted)
WR: Troy Franklin (Tcmouse)
WR: Brenden Rice (Tcmouse, Jman, Lyonfan1)
WR: Ja’Lynn Polk (jman, DetroitvsEverybody, Lyonfan1)
WR: Marvin Harrison III (Jman, @Davicus, HSVLion)
WR: Malik Nabers (Davicus, HSVLion)
WR: Rome Odunze (Davicus)
WR: Jamari Thrash (Davicus)
WR: Hayden Hatten (Davicus)
WR: Brian Thomas Jr. (Thats2, HSVLion, TouchdownMyPants)
WR: Malachi Corley (@BBBJCanIBeLionGM)
WR: Roman Wilson (DetroitvsEverybody)
WR: Luke McCaffrey (Jman)
WR: Johnny Wilson (@Lionskickarse)
WR: Ladd McConkey (Thats2)
WR: Adonai Mitchell (HSVLion)
WR: Joshua Cephus (Sofatso)
WR: Javon Baker (Tcmouse, @Kool-aidCornbread)
WR: Malik Washington (Thats2)
TE: Brevynn Spann-Ford (Jman)
TE: Theo Johnson (DetroitvsEverybody)
TE: Mason Pline (CuriousHusker)
TE: Tip Reiman (Kool-aidCornbread)
TE: Brock Bowers (farmerted)
TE: Cade Stover (farmerted)
TE: Jaheim Bell (Thats2)
OT: Frank Crum (DetroitvsEverybody)
OT: Roger Rosengarten (Jman)
OT/OG: Kiran Amegadjie (Thats2, Jman)
OT/OG: Troy Fautanu (Davicus, Mr.Peabody, JerseyJungle)
OT/OG: Kingsley Suamataia (Davicus)
OT/OG: Christian Jones (Davicus)
OT/OG: Amarius Mims (CuriousHusker, Thats2)
OT/OG: Nathan Thomas (Thats2)
OT/OG: Javon Foster (Tcmouse)
OC: Jackson Powers-Johnson (Lyonfan1, QBHATER90, farmerted, JerseyJungle, TouchdownMyPants)
OC: Zach Frazier (Sofatso, sort of, JerseyJungle)
OC: Beaux Limmer (TouchdownMyPants)
OG/OC: Graham Barton (@WestCoastLionsFan, Tcmouse, Lyonfan1, JerseyJungle, Jman)
OG/OC: Dominick Puni (Tcmouse)
OG/OC: Christian Haynes (QBHATER90)
OG/OC: Sedrick Van Pran (Cashmachine)
OG: Mason McCormick (CuriousHusker, Thats2)
OG: Cooper Beebe (Jman, Davicus, farmerted)
OG: Zak Zinter (Jman)
OG: Christian Haynes (Davicus)
OG: Christian Mahogany (Davicus)
OG: Layden Robinson (Davicus)
OG: Trevor Keegan (Jman)
DT: Byron Murphy (Lyonfan1, Davicus, JerseyJungle, Jman)
DT: T’Vondre Sweat (LionMane, Jman, QBHATER90, HSVLion)
DT: Jer’zhan Newton (Jman, Davicus, Blizer, HSVLion, LineBusy)
DT: Kris Jenkins (Jman, LineBusy, TouchdownMyPants)
DT: Ruke Orhorhoro (Jman, Davicus, Tucker, Lionskickarse)
DT: DeWayne Carter (Davicus)
DT: Braden Fiske (Davicus, JerseyJungle, Jman)
DT: Khristian Boyd (Davicus, Sofatso, Kool-aidCornbread)
DT: Mekhi Wingo (Davicus)
DT: Maason Smith (Davicus)
DT: Tyler Davis (Davicus, Jman)
DT: Evan Anderson (Davicus)
DT: Leonard Taylor (HSVLion)
DT: Logan Lee (DetroitvsEverybody)
DT/Edge: Brandon Dorlus (Davicus)
Edge: Xavier Thomas (@DetroitvsEverybody)
Edge: Chop Robinson (Thats2, Cashmachine, JerseyJungle, Jman)
Edge: Darius Robinson (Tcmouse, LineBusy)
Edge: Bralen Trice (Davicus)
Edge: Mo Kamara (CuriousHusker, Jman)
Edge: Jared Verse (Davicus, JerseyJungle, Jman)
Edge: Laiatu Latu (Davicus, Tcmouse, Thats2)
Edge: Austin Booker (Davicus, Cashmachine)
Edge: Brennan Jackson (Davicus, Jman)
Edge: Javon Solomon (Cashmachine)
Edge: Jamree Kromah (CuriousHusker)
Edge: Jalyx Hunt (Thats2)
Edge: Dallas Turner (farmerted)
LB: Kalen DeLoach (CuriousHusker)
LB: Edgerrin Cooper (@BubbaBaker-60)
LB: Junior Colson (Jman)
LB: Jeremiah Trotter Jr. (Jman)
LB: Tyrice Knight (Thats2)
LB: Payton Wilson (farmerted)
LB/S: James Williams (HSVLion)
CB: Nate Wiggins (@Blizer, DetroitvsEverybody, Lyonfan1, Davicus)
CB: Quinyon Mitchell (Thats2, Davicus, Lyonfan1, @JerseyJungle)
CB: Renardo Green (Thats2, BBBJCanIBeLionGM, Jman, Cashmachine, Tcmouse)
CB: Cam Hart (WestCoastLionsFan, Blizer, Davicus)
CB: Mikey Sainristil (QBHATER90, @najacks, sin2au, Blizer, HSVLion, LineBusy, Jman, JerseyJungle)
CB: Max Melton (Tcmouse, Blizer, BubbaBaker-60, JerseyJungle)
CB: Terrion Arnold (Davicus, Tucker, HSVLion)
CB: Koolaid McKinstry (Davicus, HSVLion, Jman)
CB: Jarvis Brownlee Jr. (Davicus)
CB: Khyree Jackson (Davicus, Cashmachine)
CB: Josh Newton (Davicus, Lionskickarse)
CB: Dwight McGlothern (Davicus)
CB: Kamal Hadden (Davicus)
CB: Jarius Monroe (Sofatso, Thats2)
CB: Qwan’tez Stiggers (Thats2, Tcmouse)
CB: Myles Harden (CuriousHusker, Sofatso, BubbaBaker-60)
CB: T.J. Tampa (Lyonfan1, TouchdownMyPants)
CB: Kamari Lassiter (Sofatso)
CB: Caelen Carson (LineBusy)
CB: M.J. Devonshire (Tcmouse, CuriousHusker)
CB: Kris Abrams-Draine (TouchdownMyPants)
CB/S: Jaylin Simpson (Tcmouse, Cashmachine)
CB/S: Cooper DeJean (Davicus, Jman, JerseyJungle)
S: Cole Bishop (Thats2, TouchdownMyPants)
S: Tyler Nubin (Jman)
S: Javon Bullard (Davicus)
S: Dadrion Taylor-Demerson (Davicus)
S: Trey Taylor (Davicus)
S: Kitan Oladapo (Davicus)
S: Jaden Hicks (Kool-aidCornbread)
K: Will Reichard (Jman)
K: Joshua Karty (Thats2)

2025 Draft Crushes:

QB: Jalon Daniels (DetroitvsEverybody)
RB: Quinshon Judkins (HSVLion)
RB: Ollie Gordon (Thats2)
WR: Luther Burden (HSVLion)
WR: Barion Brown (CuriousHusker)
DT/NT: Kenneth Grant (najacks, HSVLion)
DT: Mason Graham (najacks)
DT: Deone Walker (Thats2, CuriousHusker)
Edge: Jasheen Davis (DetroitvsEverybody)
Edge: Mykel Williams (HSVLion)
LB: Harold Perkins (HSVLion)
CB: Will Johnson (najacks, DetroitvsEverybody, HSVLion)
CB: Denzel Burke (HSVLion)
CB/WR: Travis Hunter (DetroitvsEverybody, HSVLion)
S: Hunter Wohler (BubbaBaker-60)
S: Malaki Starks (HSVLion)

Also, falling out of love? I do crush-list removals as well. Just drop a name in the comments.

@Jman you still want JPJ as a crush?

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I did have a crush when he was a 2nd rounder and everyone was talking about how bad of a Center draft class this is.

His odds right now to get selected in round 1 is -600

Too rich for my blood.

Understood. I will remove him from your list.

Here is some additions for me:

Dallas Turner - just one of those guys who jumps off the television for me.
Cooper Beebe - I just don’t see how he fails as a RG in the NFL. He be solid plus for years if he stays healthy. I’m very confused at why I keep seeing him as a 4th rounder on mocks.
Peyton Wilson - I know he has health concerns, but just going by what I saw on the television. I think a good DC could have a lot of fun with his wide skill set, speed/ability to blitz/cover/heat seek as a missile.
Cade Stover - I have a draft crush on him past the first two and a half rounds. He is going to make some QB very happy as a safety valve. He’ll be a starter in the league - still pretty raw after starting as a DE at OSU. Love his potential
Michael Penix - I think he is criminally underrated if he makes it into the 2nd round.

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My crushes…

Brian Thomas
Jackson Powers-Johnson
TJ Tampa
Kris Abrams-Draine
Kris Jenkins
Beaux Limmer
Cole Bishop
Isaac Guerendo

I think all will be great players especially factoring in where some of them will be selected.

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M.J. Devonshire. Which btw is a decent Kindle Vildor name replacement. Not that good. Devonshire sounds like the writer that writes the book with Vildor as a character.

To me this one is situational. Like Pacheco if you get him an ideal scenario sure but I don’t see great RB instincts and vision and he is nearly two years older than Jahmyr Gibbs and he’s still a collegiate RB.

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I think he’s got a lot of good, not great, traits… He’s got some wiggle, some power, he’s patient, decent hands, good contact balance and I think he’s got great speed and acceleration. He’s not a sudden, twitchy mover, but he has the ability to make guys miss. I like him better than a player like Corum and considering Guerendo will probably be a 4th-5th round pick, there’s good value there. Not to mention he’s got great size… Would be a great fill in/replacement for Monty.

Where do you think Corum will go? 3rd? I much prefer Blake as a player but I just don’t think we’re interested in RB that high.

I feel like 2022 Corum is a really good player. I think he is being discounted a little because of the meniscus tear that seems to slow him down in 2023.

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I really don’t see us going RB at all unless one surprisingly drops very late, like Jefferson did. Like I did a mock the other day and Tyrone Tracy was sitting there at 249 and I was like, screw it. That sort of situation.

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Dylan Laube or Ainias Smith would be great down there. Those types of hybrids. They can be your emergency RB for a game if it comes down to but otherwise it’s the receiving game.

Can they hang on teams though? Laube could I think.

I think Smith will go higher, like the 4/5th round or so. Laube could make it though and he’d be intriguing. I just think with Gibbs, Monty, Netflix and Bam Knight we’re pretty set. Though maybe if we want to use Knight as a returner we’ll bring in another guy.

It feels wrong to try to upgrade from Reynolds, as he has been the epitome of what the Lions resurgence is all about, but if they take a runner that is what I think they’ll do. I would think they want an all purpose guy that can sub for either one of the top two if they go down. Maybe a guy like Cody Schrader or Jase Mcclellan from Alabama if either falls to the sixth.

I think that will be very low on their list of priorities. They might do it, but I think it will have more to do with Brad’s grade than anything. If a RB is BPA late, he might very well take him. But I would suspect unless someone falls there will be better options/higher graded players.

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