2024 Draft QB Carousel

Caleb - Bears
Daniels - Commies
Maye - Vikings
Nix - Broncos
Penix- Raiders

JJ is the wildcard. Does he go #3 to New England, #6 to NYG, Does a team like Seattle or Rams move up for him? Does he tumble like Rodgers?

McCarthy either goes #3 to NE or #5 to Minnesota.


I still think Kevin Oconnell loves Drake Maye

and he goes up to #4 with Zona who moves down again.

Jim Harbaugh trading away the pick to the team that selects JJ would be insane

He may, but I think Maye is going #2. All this talk about the other guys is just noise. It’s been Caleb and Maye going 1-2 since last summer.

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Josh Allen fell to #7 he was going #1 for 2 years straight before that

I just looked at #2 overall odds

Maye is even money
Daniels is -140

That was closer than I thought it would be. You could be right

Would be weird to take Sam Howell from UNC then trade him away just to draft Drake Maye from UNC lol

Josh Allen was hyped for sure, but that was ALL about his traits. He never had the kind of college success Maye had in 2022. Granted he wasn’t as good in 2023, but UNC lost like 9 of 11 other offensive starters, so I’m not holding it against him too much, and I doubt the league will either.

It’s coincidental to draft two UNC QBs, but they’re in different stratospheres as prospects. And different FOs too.

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I doubt penix goes in the first…

I hope Minn doesnt take Maye. I think he will be the best of the bunch, although I think this QB class will turn out as one of the better ones in years. I have a feeling we wont see a bunch of busts this go around. Maye was great and had the worst supporting cast of the bunch.


Six going would be dope. Plus, with all of the WR and OL, some really great D players are going to fall to the end of the 1st round in this draft!


Pick, Team, Current QB
1 CHI - Rypien
2 WAS - Mariota
3 NE - Brissett
6 NYG - D. Jones
7 TEN - Levis
11 MIN - Darnold
12 DEN - Stidham
13 LV - Minshew

New York Giants added because they COULD be looking for a replacement but might just tank this year

That’s the dream and in line with current group think, it seems. Four QBs going before pick #29 was the winner in early February, but that was then and this is now.
How Many QBs Will Be Picked Before Our Pick At #29OA? - The War Room / Detroit Lions — The Den - The Den (thedenforum.com)

New England is taking a QB at #3… basically a :lock: IMO.

Perhaps that makes them the “wild card”….
depending on who they pick.

and then it just depends which QB is left after 3 picks…
and how much the Vikings or Giants are willing to give up to get him.

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Giants? I dont think they take one. The broncos are the team not talked about who needs to take one early.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they do, Jones isn’t the answer and they are in a good spot to grab one.


If one of the top 4 qbs isnt there in the first round i could see the giants getting one (Nix penix) in the 2nd or moving up into the first.

When a player gets back/neck surgery they are never the same. Even tho Payton got a ring with bolts in his neck. Hes a top 8 all time QB. Jones aint.

Giants have buyers remorse and many want to move on.

But they may just say EF IT and tank this season and go for a qb next year

Big favorite to go #2 now

JJ Mccarthy odds from 7-1 to go to NE now down to 2-1

The power of Schefter.

Then again, he’s the reason I was able to make so much betting on Lance to go 3rd to the Niners since he kept hearing it would be Mac Jones.