How Many QBs Will Be Picked Before Our Pick At #29OA?

Brad laughs at your mock draft. If he plays nice and stays at #29, how many QBs will already be taken before our pick?

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Why are you asking? Is there some relevance I’m not aware of?

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It seems unlikely that the Lions would be interested in first round QB. The more QBs selected before us the better because it will push a choice CB, DL, OL or WR down further and closer to us.



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I also think there is a chance that we could trade HH. There were so many teams desperate for a QB this year, there are going to be sn even hotter commodity than normal

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Kind of hope that fewer QBs get picked before 29, maybe that will entice someone who wants one to jump up into the first round and overpay to get some more picks.

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Now that’s thinking outside of the box.

But then we’d be looking for a backup QB ourselves. What do you think Brad would need in return BEFORE the draft to do that? If we drafted the Hooker replacement and then tried to trade him, that would drive the price down, right? Because it would be clear to everyone that we wanted to trade Hooker to make room for another hotshot backup.

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No way we trade HH. Maybe if we develop him, then deal him. We wouldn’t get much for him right now




Nailed it as usual @CashRipley . I don’t think Penix gets taken before us, but I think he’s next off the board.


That would be counterproductive. The lions are in winning mode. You want a GOOD backup on your team. A player who can be developed and be an insurance chip in the event Goff gets hurt. Hooker’s, more then any qb in the draft last year, is best comparable to Goff’s with the added caveat of a better deep ball, meaning the transition from Goff to Hooker for the play caller and players will be as seamless as possible in such a bad situation. He is also insurance in the event that Goff wants the moon and Brad decides not to give him the moon. Maybe he gets traded in a few years after a couple of spot starts and a few hot preseasons but no shot at this year.


Found this interesting and curious how so?
Perhaps most comparable to Goff coming out of college but I think he is a large unknown going forward. I’ve stated more than once in the last week that i have no idea what this kid can or can’t do.

But he has a long ways to go when you look at the Detroit offense, ie playaction, and the offense that HH ran in college and even HS.

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Breaking in a rookie is difficult on a playoff caliber team, especially since we rely on the offense unlike San Fan with Purdy. So there is a good chance that we could stick with Bridgewater.

I dont think HH is anything like Goff, yeah HH can throw the hell out of the ball, but truely most QBs in The NFL can do that. But can he read pre-snap, does he see the blitz, how’s his pocket presence, how is he under center, how’s his play action. Those were the question marks coming out of college and since he hasn’t played those are still his questions.

If I was a team looking for a QB I would rather have HH than JJ or at least I think that is around the area he would be looked at. I woukd let HH go for a 2nd. If you are Denver or New Orleans, you get to keep your 1st round pick and still get a QB prospect your team desperately needs.

Thats all fair. And true. I would say coming out he was the best fit of the qbs, who realistically were options…stroud was the Best Overall Fit at qb but we prioeitized cb and rb and DE over bim. and Ben Johnson had a lot of say in him coming to Detroit.

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He is retiring.

Allen Park would disagree on your assement of Hooker in comparison to Goff.

I think 4

Question is if its Mccarthy or Nix, but i sway to JJ for either Seahawks or Rams, good to have sit for a couple years behind stafford or Geno (if he goes to the rams, thats arguably very scary to have Puka Nacua there along with JJ in Mcvay’s system for over a year)

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Not happening. At least not this year.
He’s going to have to play and show value first.
I wouldn’t trade him unless it’s for a first round pick, and, that’s highly unlikely until it’s known that he can do it at an NFL level.

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I have no inside knowledge of how everything went down. But to me it seemed like Hooker was Brad’s guy and Ben and Dan co-signed on it. Gibbs seem to be a similar player. He was “Brad’s guy” but the coaches understood why and co-signed on it. Jack Campbell seemed to be the opposite. Dan was absolutely smitten and Brad co-signed on it.

I only make the distinction because I don’t see Ben pouring over film of college QBs and suddenly he had a revelation that “this is his guy.” I think Brad was in love with the idea of taking Hooker and knew the kids background and football character, and the coaches were like “oh, yeah. I definitely want a guy like that. Keep pushing for it Brad.”


Speaking of Jack… he had a very up and down rookie year. We need him to have a big improvement in year 2 for this defense to go where we want it to go. He showed some flashes but overall was pretty inconsistent.

From all accounts he’s an extremely hard worker so I’m optimistic he will be better.

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Totally brother. What i have gleaned from a few beers late at night is it may have gone something like: Ben if you could have any qb in this draft who would the top 2 be? Answer: stroud and hooker. And it was like with servant leadership in mind “awesome, we LOVE hooker as well”. Campbell was an option all among BUT ive heard he was like option 5. They wanted anderson but not enough to trade up. They wanted witherspoon and thought they were gonna get him and they were planning all along to trade bacn up for gibbs. Gibbs was the non negotiable piece to brad. Witherspoon, campbell, anderson had to be there for them when it was their pick. I am not gonna lie, i really wish spoon dropped. Love bad ass LB, but feel like corner is a bigger need in ghe 2023 nfl.