3-4 Defense and Micah Parsons

Just trying to break up the monotony of the Stafford news. Maybe Detroit drafts QB at 7, but I wonder if Campbell is more intent on building his defense. Since it’s a 3-4 defense (and not that hybrid bullshit Patricia had us in) that will seek to take advantage of talent, you wonder what that means for Jarrad Davis (who Campbell loves) and what it might look like to pair Davis with someone like Micah Parsons.

Sorry if this has been discussed here already, but I really, really hope the identity of this team is a strong defense.

I haven’t done much research on Parsons, but this seems like a strong possibility …

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Article that sums up my interest …

I think Davis and Campbell are wired the same to some extent I can see Dan really trying to make it work with Davis.I hope he can honestly the kid plays hard is fast and can hit just needs to mentally improve and make Campbell and Glen can help him with that.I am all on board for taking Parsons at 7 he is going to be a all pro in a couple years.

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I think Parsons is the likely pick if he’s available and they don’t go WR. I do think they intend to give Goff every opportunity to lock down the QB position in 2021 before trying to replace him. If he stinks up the joint, they’ll draft a replacement in 2022.

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But what about our MVP Tavai? Led the league in trailing after the tackle.



And can Glenn fix Jamie Collins?

If they can fix Collins, Tavai (I know, I know …), draft Parsons, and have Davis destroying people, this could be an interesting LB unit.


I do think tavai has a place but he has to be coached up to be a hitter. His tackles are always wrap and pull down he never engages in a MLB fashion, IMO. He could be a truck if he wanted to but I think he’s playing to not injure himself a bit (not that I blame him that much).

you just can’t have the guy play coverage. good lord that’s painful to watch.

Collins was our best LB last year. A coach won’t be able to fix age though. We need to draft the “next” Jamie Collins in this draft to replace him for the future.


Tavai is limited to short yardage/goal line packages.

Put him on special teams. that’s it


One of the several articles I read this morning alluded to this idea, that they may build up the rest of the team and then add the QB.

Parsons would be a great pick if he is still available.
Over the next couple of years the Lions have the potential to really improve the defense through the draft. That’s why getting GOFF as QB allows the Lions go focus on defense first and take what they need on offense if the situation allows for it.

I am on board with Stafford being traded as I think it was best for both parties. Now that a deal has apparently been done I have been impressed with the new regime to date. But there is a low of work to do to change the losing culture.

Ask Isiah Thomas about that when he came to the Pistons. He said that losing was acceptable when he arrived but it took guys like him, Lambier, Tripucka and others to turn things around. It’s not easy but the effort needs to be done.

Looking forward to the upcoming draft for the Lions.

My biggest concern with Parsons are the rumors about him as a person. Bucky Brooks is a family friend and he called him immature. Sure he’s young and could grow out of it, but what if he doesn’t? What if an influx of money makes it worse? Awful risky for that high of a pick. But yeah, otherwise it’s easy to see how he’s a fit.


Here’s a question, who fits a 3-4 better, Micah Parsons or Zaven Collins?

It’s very possible… We’re all looking to the draft for the next QB… But come 2023, they could trade the 2 firsts for a proven vet like the Rams just did…

Trying to think of the slowest, least maneuverable truck in existence…

I hear you… hit me it’s funny to think how many lions off-season threads have “if we could improve xyz they might be fun to watch”

I like Collins but I think people just look at his size and assume he will be this great 34 pass rush LB. He doesnt really have a lot of bend. Parsons athletic ability really stands out on film, would be my choice at 7.


The good news is our DC and Secondary coach should be able to make the most of the young talent in our secondary.

I hope we add a vet like Marcus Williams or J Simmons there too…

It’s way easier to staff a 3-4 front seven than a 4-3. They make more humans that are athletes at “edge” size than Julius Peppers or Mario Williams types.

NT- Shelton/Penisini
5 Tech- Hand/J Cornell/K Strong- need 1
DT- ???

Edge- Flowers/A Bryant
ILB- Collins
ILB- Davis/ Ragland- hope we resign Davis
Edge- ??/J Okwara

M Williams/Harris


Rd 1- Trade down to a team wanting that last QB

  • we get a 12, 15th ish pick and a 2nd and 4th

Rd 1- C Barmore 5 Tech rush DT
Rd 2- D Moses ILB
Rd 2- C Surratt Edge
Rd 3- WR
Rd 3- CB
Rd 4- RB
Rd 4- RG

Keep in mind this D only costs us a bit to resign J Davis and a starting safety.

I really hope the hatred for Patricia and the corresponding lack of effort contributed more to the putrid results on D than a lack of talent. If so, maybe we’re not as far away from a turnaround than expected.

Who knows how much better the existing personnel would be without Patricia’s “bend over until we break” defensive philosophy.

Upgrading the LB core seems to me to be the quickest way to upgrade the D overall … and the change in scheme might actually have some of these guys playing to their strengths instead of looking lost. :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3: