3 stats about Goff you may not know


In fact, during the 2017 campaign, he completed a league-best 12.9 yards per completion, and also recorded 7.72 adjusted net yards per pass attempt. And, according to Next Gen Stats, he ranked 11th in the NFL in deep-ball passing in '17, as he amassed a 95.8 passer rating on deep throws.

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Is by far the most encouraging for me, by a mile. My 2nd biggest criticism of him with the Lions was the propensity to throw as short as possible every time. It was more than just not wanting to challenge coverage, it was an outright fear of turning it over.

That’s highly fixable. Dan WILL get his ceiling out of him. I think there’s a really good chance that Goff can be “the guy.”

Gotta get the overall fear out of him, and let him access the strongest parts of his soul.


I recently read an analysis from some writer that Goff is like a human Juggs machine. When there’s a good scheme and protection he’s one of the best QBs out there. He will throw accurate with velocity and touch to anywhere on the field.

When he’s forced to improvise, it gets ugly. And that’s why in 2019 when the Rams Oline dropped to 32nd, his play dropped way off. He’s not a Russell Wilson who can roll away from pressure and throw a dart on the run

In 2020 it seemed to me McVey was trying to change the scheme and started dumping on Goff, refusing to talk to him even. It turned toxic and Goffs confidence waned.

If our Oline can stay healthy and these coaches understand Goffs game and he recovers his mojo, it might be a special time for The Lions offense


I can’t imagine why?

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Please…Dear, sweet, tiny baby Jesus…Please let this be true.

Then → next year we trade up and get the most game wrecking DT that has come out of the draft since Donald.


Because of 76 fumbles and 113 interceptions over the last few years. :wink:

And fear is emotional / mental….

I keep saying it; the best talent will suck without confidence and that confidence come from BOTH internal and external factors.

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This is exactly what I think too.


There was a narrative on this board last fall that Goff was not capable of throwing a deep ball. I argued this point to nausea with a few of those posters.

He’s capable and something happened under Mcvay that caused Goff to shy away. I think this is very correctable with the right coaching.

Goff is a better QB than I lot of Lions fans give credit for.


I think we have our big boys for the future already. Alim is going to anchor this defense for years.


He’s been sort of an extreme Jeckyl and Hyde. I am with you that he’s been good. I also believe Coach Dan will get his ceiling out of him. He has been pretty B/B+, with moments of A stirred in. He has also been pretty C- with moments of F stirred in. under Dan, he will lean much farther toward his ceiling. He will likely play better than he’s ever played.

My issues with him aren’t around his skill set. The issues I have with him are, to a degree, correctable too.

Go make it happen, Coach Dan!

I can see him being a good one. I suspect he will. Still want someone at least as good, hopefully much better.

It was not that he couldn’t throw the ball deep.
It was that he was not the kind of QB that could drive the ball on the deep outs with velocity.

There are a lot of QB’s that kind wind up and get the ball downfield.
There are fewer QB’s that kind drive the ball to the sidelines 15+ yards downfield on a rope.

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I’ve said multiple times that he’s the exact same quarterback as Neil O’Donnell. If you protect him he’ll kill you. The second you rattle him he starts turning the ball over.

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Not sure what you’re basing he can’t drive the ball on a deep out, I’ve seen him buzz the ball past a bewildered DBs head on that very route many times.

Arm talent is not an issue with JG, or at least I’ve never seen it


Goffs arm strength is arguably his most underrated aspect in my opinion. It’s funny actually. They touted Wentz as this guy with a super strong arm. Guess who threw harder? Goff did.

It’s funny how media narratives will make you perceive something. Most people just assume Goff is a guy with a average arm. He’s not Josh Allen arm talent. But Goff is arguably top 10.


For me; nothing but confidence

His wr corp sucks and he knew it and he still leaning a new system where he wasn’t sure if the wr would be there or get open to boot

That will not be the case this year

Barring injuries, he will have a stellar year imo



This is fine and not something I care enough about to argue.

If y’all watch games and see a strong-armed QB, that’s great.

He can do it, he just has to load up to push it downfield. In fairness to him, we are used to watching a guy that has far beyond “normal” strength…and when you get used to seeing that, you cant help but compare.

I like Goff’s talent and game. A few things I would really like him to improve. Some of them he can improve and will. Some of them are just “who he is.”
Gotta protect the shit out of him, if we are to win it all, but I think we may be able to arrange that.

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