3rd Round, Pick 96: Lions Select Western Kentucky DT Brodric Martin

Trust me. I have watched him. He’s a beast. As Brad said, an “under the radar” guy.


Finally my man gets his own thread !!


That’s kind of what I thought. Like where the hell is his thread?


Can we get his smash bro Jerrod Clark
Get him his own thread too @jthom19802

No more weak up the middle
Capt Jack Ham Campbell
Mount Martin


■■■■■■■ A right he can.

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I’ll be researching this cat for sure
dying for a defensive tackle that can dominate


About all you can say is “He is big” …like “Really Big”

He started 1 game as a Junior and all 14 games last year making honorable mention All-Conference USA honors as a senior

Started at a D II school, eventually transferred to Western Kentucky than worked his way into a starting job his Senior year.

Seems like a bit of a project but hopefully with some NFL coaching he will continue to develop and be a solid contributor. You can’t coach a guy to be this big so basically you take him, work on technique and add to his skills. I think he can be good player in time.

^^^ Had to laugh at the “pad level” comment in the NFL Draft Buzz assessment…brought back the Rod Moronelli days

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The one good thing I keep hearing about him is that “he’s impossible to move”. But then again he doesn’t move well. So, at least we’ll have about three feet in the middle of the line covered. A narrow "no-run’ zone is better than nothing.

Sounds like we are stashing this guy on the PS and hoping Wash (oh, wait)…our new DL coach can do some things with him.

I do like this statement: Martin is a poor man’s Jordan Davis in that he’s a towering 6-foot-5, 337-pound nose tackle with uber-long arms.

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In Holmes we trust.

Martin must really really love football.


A true anchor in the middle serves the entire line well. This was one of those things I struggled with after the season… which way do they go at DT? A pure 3T that lets McNeil focus on NT duty or do they go with a true anchor and let McNeil move around a bit more. They answered that question with this pick.


Excerpt with Holmes comments on the player:

“He just has a lot of physical traits that get you really excited about his upside,” Holmes said. "His testing numbers and all that stuff, this guy’s a big man, but he moves a lot better on film. He had a really good pro day. His workout was good. And it’s hard to find big, athletic…guys like that.

"He’s got a lot of meat on the bone. He’s got a lot of upside. He’s a big man. He’s athletic, he plays hard. He chases to the ball. I don’t think I’ve seen many 330-, 340-pound guys who run to the ball like he does.

“He’s got some rawness, but we’re really excited about his upside. He’s another one that, we brought him in for a visit, and he just kind of lit the room up with his personality and his mindset. … I think that (defensive line) coach John Scott is gonna do some really good things.”

Martin earned an invite to the East-West Shrine Game, where Holmes said he started to sink his teeth into the prospect on a recommendation from area scout Steve Neal.

“(Martin) did a really, really nice job. And that’s really when he popped up on my radar,” Holmes said. “You see him playing in some better competition games like Auburn, and then you see some stuff kind of late. He just has a lot of physical traits that get you really excited about his upside.”

Beyond the usual general stuff, there’s a bit more at the end of the article about the trade process.


Honestly, what an absolutely terrible looking player on film

Max Bean Shuffle Draft +

Brad is as big of a mock draft junkie as some of our volume mock members here.

Dude just wants to trade trade trade


This guy’s profile reads like a sixth round flyer type in most years. Brad figured he had too many picks remaining anyways and wanted to make sure he landed his late round crush pick - all the way up in the back of the 3rd. Being the 6th pick he had probably makes this feel like a 6th round flyer in his mind.

I’d rather have taken Moody here, who went a few picks later to SF.

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If he turns into a Damon Harrison, no one is going to care that he was a “reach.”

Holmes wants “his guys” and he’s going to either thrive with them or go down with the ship. I’m betting on the former.


Brodric will keep Captain Jack very clean. Build a D.


Me too but there will be misses. Good chance we are talking about this deal in a couple years they way we talk about the Barnes trade up today.

I was more pumped about this pick last night before I got into his film. I’ve only had the chance to watch the New Orleans Bowl tape this morning but…man, I see why this guy had such a low grade. 6’5" 340 lbs guys with 35" arms shouldn’t be getting stood up one on one on a consistent basis by guys he has 40 pounds on…

I don’t know who his teammate is…#97, but he jumped out to me more on tape than Martin does. Hoping I can find more film to see if I’m missing something here.


I like him, but if it’s true that he was the backup plan, and they really wanted Dexter, then they ■■■■■■ up and waited tool long to address the position imo…hope Hooker turns out to be the real deal, and Dexter doesnt haunt us for years…