5th Worst Offseason?

His ypc might go up and he’ll be lucky to get 8 TD’s since i doubt the Saints WR’s won’t all get tackled inside the 5 yard line.

Ask Kamara how those red zone carries work out?

The Saints would rather tinker around with Taysom Hill.

Taysom Hill averaged 6.0 ypc on 96 carries in 2022…
Kamara managed only 4.0 ypc on 223 carries.

If Hill had 127 more carries… he only needed to average 2.5 ypc on them to match Kamara’s yardage.

Also… Hill had 7 TDs… and averaged 6.0 yards per carry… so he wasn’t just getting redzone attempts.

I guess Kamara didn’t knock it out of the casino last year… :sunglasses:

Evidently you didn’t watch many Saints games. Hill is getting those carries from the QB position, Kamara is used on obvious run downs. Love to see them switch roles and see what Kamara would do.

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I am genuinely happy with our draft. I really liked every single player we took, just was off on their value. I literally took every single one of the players we drafted in the first three rounds in a mock simulator. The difference is guys like Campbell and Gibbs were typically there in the early to mid 2nd. Martin was available in the 5th/6th. Branch almost never made it out of the 20s though.

The only thing that still bugs me a little is passing on Adetomiwa Adebawore. Really think he is going to be a good solid player in this league for a long time. Oh well though, that is done and gone.

Hill had 2 TD runs inside the 5-yard line. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I wonder how many Jamaal Williams had in 2022???

Kamara had 4 carries inside the 5.

maybe it was just performance based….

Kamara had 8 carries inside the 10 yard line… for 9 yards. :flushed:



Hill was more effective.,

Montgomery’s stats don’t tell the whole picture in Chicago. He was the #2 RB to a QB that wasn’t particularly skilled at throwing an accurate ball.

Defending Chicago your plan was to stop the run and force Fields to pass (generally a winning formula based on 6 wins as a starter over 2 seasons).

In Detroit, if teams stack the box, we throw. If they don’t, we run. When they think they have us figured out, Ben Johnson let’s them know he was just toying with them.

Montgomery = upgrade over Williams
Gibbs = upgrade over Swift


I am not sure why anyone would expect Jamaal to be anything more than what he has always been in his career. 2022 was an outlier. 400 yards and 2-3 TDs is most likely where he will end up.

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Jamaal has never rushed for fewer than 460 of yards, 500-600 and 3 TD’s was about his average in GB.

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My prediction is that he won’t get enough carries. The Saints don’t volume stuff their backup runningbacks. His only chance is to be the “hot hand” ripping off chunk runs. I see him being in the 3.8 to 4.0 yards per carry range. In New Orleans that gives him a real possibility of only getting 60 carries. The ceiling for his carries IMO is around 120. And that’s only if the best version of Jamaal shows up and some other things swing his way. Between 60-100 is more likely.


Kamara could face a suspension for his Vegas ordeal…

Nope. None of that counts. Neither does getting a healthy okwara and Harris back to rush the passer. Or a slimmer McNeil who looks to be in tremendous shape. The only thing that matters is that piece of paper someone printed off that says our defense was one of the worst in the nfl in 2022.

How many more games do the lions win if they have jacobs from the beginning of the season? I say at least 1. Maybe 2. If jacobs starts and AO is on the bench there’s a good chance we beat the Vikings and possibly the Seahawks.


FIRST, 6 years is 42 draft picks. Does anyone really think that Brad Holmes will strike out on 42 pix in a row?

SECOND, QB, DE and WR are the only positions I can think of where ‘difference-makers’ are rarely found after R1 or R2. But Holmes found ARSB in R4 and James Houston in R6, not to mention Kujo, Rodrigo and Alim the Dream in R3-6. So, I think that writer is mistaken.

That don’t even make sense.


Yuuuup. devistation coming soon

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Its also short sighted because it doesn’t take into account the daft picks Brad has already made…or the current roster construction.


Hold on, I thought all bald guys were handsome!

so…. still wondering what I missed in those Saints games….
did Kamara improve his stats over the weekend?