7-1 to get to 10 wins

Going 7-1 is our only hope now.

Stop laughing…it’s possible.


I like your optimism. Im not hopeful if they cant get the defense turned around.

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Let’s Do It!!!


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The defense looked rough today. If they could even be average I could get on board with this. I’m just not exactly sure why we are struggling so much on defense.

McKissic is our best running back right now. Wish he would have been out there the entire 4th quarter. That drive in the 4th where we used Perkins and Johnson was a wasted drive.

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The season is over, the sooner you realize it the sooner you can move on.


I trying to figure out what is going on with the defense as well.

We might win 3 more

Because they could only win 3 out of their first 8 games and suddenly they are going to rip off 7 out of 8?
They are so far out of the playoffs it isn’t even funny.


Yup, this is that magical point in the season we can say it’s over.


Defense looked rough today? They hit all their season averages today. THIS is the normal


Since the Arizona game, I’ve been saying 8-7-1.

They’d have to go 5-3, to reach that…let alone going 10-5-1, which would require finishing 7-1.

It would take 7-1 to even have a chance.

I don’t see it.

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4 plane crashes and a couple busses droppin off a cliff should do it for us.


Sorry, but I find it hard to believe that a team that just went 1-3 in their last 4 is suddenly going to go 7-1 in their last eight.

…and when they lose next week, you’ll say here comes 6-0.

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Personally just hoping for 7 TOTAL wins now $$$

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Not with this defense. Not with not being able to run the ball. Not with out being a lot better in red zone. A lot of nots there.


Might as well just lose the rest and draft a guy top ten that gets literally ‘knocked out’ of every single game.

That way we can throw a 1 yard hail mary to his back ups, back up on the biggest play of the season.

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I’m almost thinking you are right, dude. I really though we would win 10 this year.

I seriously do wonder what ppl would be talking like if we didn’t have 2 games taken from us by the refs.

With those 2 games, we would be leading the division by a 1/2 game, @ 5-2-1. That won’t matter at all to some, but I dont see it as a lost cause, the way most do.

We aren’t supposed to win the SB, this year. We are supposed to be a playoff contender, and we would be, if not for the packer and KC losses that the officials handed us.

Our D confuses me, mostly because we were top 10, just last year…with worse players. I think the DL being injured matters more than most others do.

The truth always reveals itself, and we most definitely will find out what we have here. I still believe Patrica and Bevell can build us a legit contender.


Yeah. I really hope Hock goes on to have a great life after football, but it was still a very dumb draft pick.


I’d be easier to stand on your hands and shit into your left shirt pocket.


The fundamentals should be fixed by Sunday.