A few site updates (let me know if you see funky things)

Hey guys,

So, I’ve created a few threads on this topic in the past couple of years as the site has evolved. There’s been some iterations, features, plans – some I’ve scrapped, others that have stuck. Thanks for sticking through it as I guinea pig it a bit. I’ve tried to do all of this while maintaining a very, very demanding full time job.

Through all of this trialing, my biggest priority has been The Den, and that means all (well, most) of you. Not to get all misty, but few things have been in my life as long as this site. I started it when I was 17. I’m 43 now.

Anyway, I think I’ve landed on a system (that is probably obvious by now) that grows a forum that welcomes all fans, without leaving The Den behind or somehow obscuring it. Because in my head and heart, this doesn’t work if we lose what we have here.

Some of the dust from the ongoing changes will be obvious. I’m going to try to roll most of this out by the beginning of the season (September?) with few if any interruptions. At any point, you guys should all be well aware that you can DM me at any point—whether it’s to complain about the site, changes, or, preferably, that you like what you’re seeing. I might not respond right away, but I will eventually get to it.

Thanks again for sticking around.

I think it’s ■■■■■■■ awesome that after all this time, we’ll finally get to witness a Lions Super Bowl together.



At first, I wondered if you were trying to make us cry…then I 100% knew you were, when this came in.


We’ve got the GOAT HC…
We’ve got the GOAT GM…
We’ve got the GOAT LT…
We’ve got the GOAT P…
We’re sporting the best OL & RBs in the league…
We’ve Got the best Ownership in the league…
And we’ve got the greatest online forum in history to celebrate/stay connected/stay updated, etc.
…The Godfather is the MF’n Jack Fox of online forum creation…The hands-down GOAT! Just reminding you that you’re awesome, bro!

Mind blowing time to be a Lions fan! Thanks for adding so much to my experience @Nate


Tears of joy instead of tears of misery… what a turnaround.


Love ya bro!!


Dayum @Nate , you created this place at age 17 ??? your a damn STAR man ! hope I can do anything in my life half as cool…



Is there an easy way to make all the non-football stuff that just appeared in my feed to disappear forever?


And mute any categories you don’t want to see.


Excellent. My intuition was that the Categories drop down on the left is where that would be set. Navigation to Preferences was not immediately intuitive.

How do I stop form
Seeing nhl and stuff on my feed?

I just explained this above …

And mute the categories (i.e. NHL, MLB, etc) you don’t want to see.

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Whoa man…

Art Design GIF

Thank you

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The NBA, MLB etc. categories are soooooooo nice. Hail to @Nate !!


I love it too. It took this site to a whole new level.

Once fans realize there is a good site to talk Tigers, Wings, and Pistons, I bet this site grows by leaps and bounds.


Nice, indented threads!