A new season with the same stink

A new coach, a season but the same ole stink of failure from our predictable Detroit Lions. Another season of moral victories and fatal mistakes. Crack the seal on the Jim Beam and maintain a healthy supply of ice, Coke a Cola and Malox!!

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I didn’t even watch week 1. I will watch most games, especially if this team gives a reason too… but this was always going to be a throwaway season. I expect them to have a top 6 draft pick, go hard after a QB, and sign some free agents next offseason. But this year? The WR depth chart told you all you needed to know.

I didn’t either, but that was because I took my 5 and 6 year old boys to their first major league baseball game.


I had a prior commitment as well but could have popped the game on here and there from my phone…. Once I finally checked in at 28-7 tho I felt zero desire to tune in. I want to believe in this new regime, so we’ll see, but this isn’t the year to really get invested.

This is what Lions fans live for.