Aaron Rogers Lions Tattoo

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If real, nice artwork.

If really, real…WTF?

Is this going to be like Prince turning himself into a symbol?

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Erin’s working through some stuff


The all knowing eye has seen the future of the NFCN.

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The fact that he put 2 Lions on his forearm tells me he doesn’t give two shits about the team he plays for in the long run. Could you imagine Michael Strahan walking around with a Cowboy tattooed on his left calf?

Don’t expect Aaron to open up a car dealership in Kenosha after he retires, Packer fans.

Rogers was a loser the second he let Olivia Munn get away.

You do whatever it takes to keep a woman that cool and down to earth who is an 11.

Olivia Munn Apocalypse GIF by X-Men Movies

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This is kinda interesting
As a nfl player might have a cowboy
Maybe a bronco
Or bengal , lightning bolt , etc

Not really having anything to do with football

Even if it is hilarious Aaron got lions

Maybe she lays there like a dead fish?

Wouldnt doubt it.

She seems real boring. Like one of those yoga, no personality women.

She is beautiful, but she bores me.

Blah Blah Blah Reaction GIF


Actually, I really like Aaron Rodgers as a human.


Get out!


She’s hilarious…we have very different views of her .

Fine, more for me.


I liked her when she was a pretend nerd she was pretty funny. then she decided to try and sleep her way into…whatever. she’s not a good actress but she is pretty. it’s also a shame she decided to ‘round’ her eyes out with plastic surgery I liked the sexy sleepy eyes she had previous.


I think it is obvious that the tattoo has to do with astrology and nothing to do with football. I really like it a lot.

What i dont understand is he is a sagittarius and not a leo. Maybe his dad or mom was a leo?


Man, does that tattoo fit Aaron Rodgers.

There are like 40 symbols on that thing when you look closely. Deep analysis, interconnected symbology, astrology… it fits well. It kind of provides a window into what he values/how he thinks.

More power to him, if that’s his style. Not my kind of thing for a lifetime tattoo, but it is quite well done for what it is.

It reminds me of a Dan Brown novel… like the Da Vinci code, Lost Symbol, etc.


I like that he owns Chicago. I hope he gets around to cleaning it up soon.

One of the most talented QB’s I’ve ever seen. That being said, he’s still a giant douche.

Has nothing at all to do w football.

I think your point is a lot closer to the truth. Personally I doubt it’s his parents bc he hasn’t talked to his parents in years. Feuding with them. His new girlfriend is a self-proclaimed witch……she talks a lot about satanic worship and stuff like that on her podcast.

A lot of those symbols are closer associated w all of that stuff astrobiology and spirituality and what not then the Detroit lions. :joy:

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Same, he takes so much shit but I like him. He’s way more thoughtful and self aware than most athletes. He’s kind of a nerd, and I think thats why it rubs some people the wrong way. It’s so creative when people call him Erin, like it’s kindergarten.