About Amon-Ra St. Brown....?

Hey, thanks for posting this! I never saw it but did just watch the entire thing!

Love it!

On a side note, did you see the parents and brothers of some of our pics? Looks like they could play!


The metric system is infinitely better than the English standard nonsense that we use… it isn’t even a debate. All science uses metric for a reason. And the English standard imperialist system stands for the opposite of freedom…

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How about there other counter part, Jatavis Quan Martin. That guy pretty good too. He can play S, NB, CB. 64 tackles. 2 FF, 3 int and 11 PD.

Illinois is DB michine

But can metric do this!!!
Machine Gun America GIF

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If that machine gun asshole would read the article’s of the flag under the section “Disrespecting the Flag” he would have to shoot himself.

I’m not ready for a world where we talk about John Elway and the Broncos driving 89.6112 meters, or about how the great Barry Sanders is in the coveted 9144 meter club.

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Yeah I like Martin too, my biggest beef with him is I think his best position is free safety, and we already have that covered with Kerby. He can cover out of the nickel but I wouldn’t want him to have to hold up against the run from there.

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Syd is a WAY better fit. Better player as well and strikes me as a type that could grow into a leader on D.

Agreed. I’ve started to nab him with one of our two 2nd rounders on most of the simulators now. Frees me up to get wild in the first round.