Adam Schefter Say Niners Will Take Mac Jones

ESPN’s Adam Schefter expects the 49ers to select Alabama QB Mac Jones at No. 3 overall.

This is not a sourced report from Schefter — he was sharing his thoughts on a radio show, not tweeting out a scoop — but he believes the Niners will settle on Jones after doing their due diligence on the draft class. Considering the source, this is the biggest indication yet that the 49ers are zeroed in on Jones after trading up to No. 3 overall, something you only do for a quarterback. “Draft Twitter” — really, any Twitter — is having trouble wrapping its mind around this fact, but the 49ers have begun openly telegraphing the move. They have the luxury of doing so since both teams in front of them also seemed locked into quarterbacks, and they can no longer be jumped in the draft order. For now, Schefter believes the Niners will keep Jimmy Garoppolo around as a bridge quarterback, but he also believes the Niners could move him if the right deal comes along.

I know a lot of people don’t believe it, but now one of the most reliable reporters in the business thinks it will happen too. Also saw a report today that the Falcons GM wants Lance at #4, but the HC doesn’t. IMO, there is a good chance Justin Fields is sitting there at #7 and New England supposedly loves him.

A lot of smoke is thrown around before a draft.

Not saying they won’t, but I’m not sure how anyone can believe anything.

Give me Nos. 15, 46 & 96 for Nos. 7 & 101–they’ve got a deal. The 40s is a sweet spot for talent.

Only way I’m taking that trade is if Sewell and Parsons are off the board. I need a lot more to pass on that talent level.

Might could. There’s plausible rationales for taking each of there remaining 3 QBs. For mock purposes, I’ll slot Jones to the Niners for the time being, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

I would take Jones over Fields or Lance as well!

It would be great for us if they take Jones, but I still don’t buy it. At this point in the pre-draft process, 99% of the whispers we hear are lies, lies, lies, and yet every year we (and the reporters) fall for it.

I have to admit, the thought of getting Justin Fields is exciting to me. He is very talented.

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One thing I find a little off on the whole, 49ers are locked in on Mac, topic…they traded up before his pro day. Not saying pro days mean a whole lot. But that kind of trade usually happens following being blown away by a player. The trade was however, made after both Lance and Fields pro day.

I still feel like Lance makes the most sense. His pro day was days before and they had to get thee eagles/dolphins trade in place to make it work. That takes a little time. Also keeping Jimmy G. Lance probably needs time. Mac is said to be the most pro ready.

Also, the 49ers making this trade and “all signs pointing” to Mac Jones, could be the 49ers getting a a little tricky. Panthers were rumored to be high on Mac and maybe it would trigger them to panic trade with the Jets for #2. Leaving Zach Wilson to fall into their laps. This is all a moot point now that the panthers acquired Darnold (which I have another theory about lol). Also this was a wild idea that went through my head. Not realistic.

It all could also mean the 49ers just wanted to move up before Macs pro day before anyone else got blown away with him following…

Leading up to the draft is always so much fun to speculate. For the record I hope the lions don’t move up. Doesn’t make sense IMO. Stay out, take BPA or trade down is what a team in the lions condition makes the most sense.

***Darnold side thought…the panthers traded for darnold on the cheap. Making it look like they are out of the QB market. If that was the case, why shop Bridgewater? Darnold could be the trash that he’s shown to be. I think they could hope that one of fields or Lance slides to pick 8 now that everyone believes they are no longer going QB. They get their high upside QB and Darnold for basically a 2nd round pick. Vs the monster package they would’ve had to give up just to get one of those guys.

All just my personal speculation! :thinking::wink:

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Interesting speculation nonetheless! None of us really ever know, and we have 3 more weeks of things getting even crazier.

Mac had already done a pro day. The trade was announced the same day as Wilson’s pro day and the only top QB yet to workout was Fields.

Yep you’re right. I forgot they had two pro days…

Wait I thought OSUs pro day was the day before the trade…but if Wilson’s was the day of the trade, fields definitely threw after him. I remember that clearly because of the spin the media put on fields off balance throw vs Wilson’s :roll_eyes:

It all seems like such a game, lol.

The part I guess I don’t get about all this is why SF would let the cat out of the bag.

I still find it hard to believe they are going Mac Jones, but hell if I know. Stranger things have happened. Some moron thought Mitch Trubisky was a better QB than Desaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. Can you imagine?

That idiot doubled down on his stupidity by moving up to be extra sure he didn’t have to draft Mahomes or Watson! LOL


No way I’m dropping back 8 spots for 1 extra pick. Especially if Sewell, Parsons, or even Fields is there.
Better include next years first.

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