Allen Robinson and Marcus Williams?

What would be your reaction if we brought in both if these guys?

I think it isn’t being talked about enough on here what Robinson’s twitter activity is trying to say.

If we were able to get both of these guys, that’s at least an A from me as a grade.

Robinson is a little older than I’d prefer. But, if we got both of them, that would really help this team. Just can’t see us spending that much cash. Those 2 players are looking to get paid.

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They would fill some major holes. Very excited to see what they do in FA and what the new players have to say about why they sugned with Detroit.

Outside player perspective of our new staff and front office will be something to listen too. Yes, I understand themoney part. Lots of teams have money. I’m just curious about Dan and Brad from new players POV.

I’d be fired up as hell if we pulled that off.

I’d love the Williams signing. I’d be lukewarm on Robinson, but I would hope it’s short-term and he should at least help us evaluate Goff.


I think Williams will definitely be a target of ours. We very well could have two new starting safeties in 2022

I’ve always liked Robinson as a player but I have a feeling we go younger and cheaper at WR.


I think we get Chark/kirk and Williams. Then get a DL and LB. And call it a day

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I’d be surprised and pleased with Williams, though I think he’ll cost more than Holmes is willing to pay. If we got both Robinson and Williams at market value, Brad has lost his way and veered from the plan both DC and he have outlined repeatedly. Plus good receivers grow on trees these days.

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I’d be thrilled with Williams. Elite safety who is 25 and is familiar with our DC? Yup, give me some of that. He’s been my top free agent target all along.

Robinson would depend entirely on price. Some of the numbers being thrown out for him are too rich for my blood. I think I prefer them to go a little “money ball” with the receivers and target one with the Rams 1st or 2nd.


I knew he was from Detroit, but after looking at his twitter, he still cares deeply about the area. Maybe he would be willing to give us a slight discount even. 3 years 45mil, with an easy out in year 3 would be awesome. 15mil is very good #2 WR/low end WR#1 money so it would hardly be an overpay.

I personally think getting both those players could be a realistic option for us.


Williams i really want i have no wish for Robinson your just paying likely big money for what? Spend it on younger players who will help the team in couple years.

Terrell Edmunds also a FA Safety would be nice add also I expect we carry 5 or 6 safetys

I’d be happy with Chark and Jordan Whitehead. If we got Chark and Williams or A-Rob and Whitehead that would be even better.

A-Rob and Williams would be about as good as you could ask for

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What do you think bud Twitter is saying?

Are you referring to the Cade support and the “Eminem” kind of morning gym mix comments?

If so, it’s. It that telling given he’s born and raised in Detroit so he could well have grown up on Eminem and still be a pistons fan.

If you troll just a few posts farther there is Atlanta love, Jersey and New York team love too

Robinson makes so much sense. Next year will not only be a “prove it” year for him, I’m sure he’d love nothing more than to get in fine shape and ball out in his hometown. If the money is right, I think we’d be getting a guy who has somehow put himself in the ELITE discussion despite having the worst QB play one could have in a career.

Had he set the world on fire last year, I’d be against it… he’d be asking for too much with less to prove. But all day give me the guy with a chip on the shoulder who might have to settle for less coin due to his performance last season.

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Interesting perspective. You have kinda changed my thinking.

I didn’t realize he was a Detroit boy. I was and still am a bit concerned with his age, will be 29 years old soon. But, at the right price, he might have a lot to prove yet. He was a stud in 2019 and 2020 with 200 catches combined with Mitch Trubisky throwing him the ball. And he might be motviated to stick it to the Bears.

I’d still prefer to go younger at WR, but I’m open to AR on 2 or 3 year deal.

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Me too. Plus Glenn was his secondary coach.

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Check his liked posts

That’s where everyone is getting this from.

He’s always wanted to play for the Lions. He’s made comments about it in the past.

However he’s tried to get a contract with some security in it and CHI just tagged him.

I kinda feel bad for him. He’s wanted out of CHI and couldn’t get out. He didn’t melt down about it like some diva WR’s have done.

He’s a class act. Would love to have him here.


I always knew he was from Detroit, but never knew he actually mentioned he wanted to play here. The guy has produced with bottom of the barrel QB’s his entire career. Goff would probably be the best QB hes ever played with. He is an absolutely fantastic route runner and is great once the ball is in the air. He has has good speed (not elite, but good), and has fantastic hands.

He can be the type of WR Randel El and Ben Johnson described. Pair Allen Robinson with a guy with elite speed and you have an excellent WR group with varied skillsets.

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That’s an excellent take TBH. I’ve heard that that could very well be the strategy. Liked Robinson out of college, I think I’d prefer Cooper, don’t want to pay either though TBH.