Am I the Only One Who Didn’t Care that Tucker Made It?

It seems everyone is so upset about that kick from Tucker. Honestly I not only expected him to make it, but kinda wished he did. I fully understand what this season means for this team and what the expectations should be. The fact that they went toe to toe with one of the better teams in the league and should have won makes me happy. That shows progress. The only thing that win would’ve done is push us lower in the draft order next year. Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things if we go 7-10 or 3-14? Regardless we won’t be making the playoffs.

We need a high pick next year and preferably the #1 pick. Whether that means we have an opportunity to trade down to gather more picks, have the pick of any QB in the draft, or the top defensive player, we need high end talent. Wins don’t mean much of anything to me this year. Seeing the progress the young guys make and this coaching staff coming together and learning from their own mistakes is everything.

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Yeah higher pick. I think Goff has to play better when Decker gets back. If not, well new QB or revamp the Defense.

Historically? Yes, it matters.


It stung but it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Give me the higher pick, this team is going nowhere this year. This season provides a chance for youngsters to grow, there are some nice pieces on both sides of the ball.

If you can get a 1st for Decker (and possibly more, say an extra 4th or 5th?) to a LT needy team this season, then you’re set up beautifully for next year’s draft.

Say the Lions wind up with 3OA. And say they can get a middling 1st for Decker, pick 16.

Then you’ve got 3, 16, 30ish (from Rams) and 35.

Get your QB and #1 WR, plus a LB and S (in no particular order) with those four picks. Hit on them and you’re in business. Obviously you want to hit on the rest of your picks.

Another big infusion of young talent (they did pretty well this time around) and you have the makings of a real football team.

Let’s see them grow up some this year and start to jettison the dead weight and replace it with as many young studs as you can. There is hope. But this loss is a character builder, if nothing else. They are learning how to win, even if they fell just short against a good team.

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I definitely preferred him missing the kick. A victory validates and energizes the team. A victory makes the path to the playoffs more feasible, ensuring that there’s a carrot almost within reach.

This year is about growth and culture, so I’m encouraged and excited about the future. Gotta get some wins–starting this Sunday.


The lions need to get a win… it’s important that they do. It’s insane to me that some think the more we lose, the better the draft slot, so the brighter the future looks. I disagree. Campbell getting some wins will change the look of the franchise to one that is looking up. Free agents will be more interested…national coverage could improve, etc. The impression of the team throughout the league is more important than like a couple draft slots.


This almost never works out. If it did, every team would “just do that.”
There are a lot more Ryan Leafs in the world than Peyton Mannings.

IMO, this is why we roll with Goff. Getting a rook scares the hell out of me.


There is truth in that, but there’s even more in the idea that in today’s NFL your odds of a SB go up exponentially with an elite QB. Having one on a rookie deal is as sweet as it gets in this day and age.

Yes, Goff got to the big dance once. But will he ever be good enough to raise his team to the next level? How long will it take for the Lions to surround him with the supporting cast to enable him to win vs. elite teams in January? I want this team to have a top-flight QB and get one before they start winning games, pushing them down the draft board. And by then the supporting cast could be great - for the rookie.

It’s actually a good thing the Lions missed out on this year’s crop of QBs, they don’t look as advertised. Still, look around the league and it’s a QB-driven league. Maybe next year is the ticket. You don’t necessarily have to use your highest pick… if say Thibadeaux is there. More high picks gives you great flexibility.

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All true, my bro. I’d love to see us with an elite QB too. I’m also not a fan of the Trent Dilfer model. I’d feel way better if we had someone that could play behind Goff for a couple of years to prove he’s better than Goff, before we just trade 'em.

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Honestly, I wasn’t really that upset because they aren’t going anywhere anyway but I wanted the team to win to boost the morale of the young guys who fought so hard to earn a win.

I’m a “better magic beanzz, better for the long term outlook” guy but winning for a young team even in a “tanking” year is beneficial too so it would have been nice if the kick bounced the other way.

In any event, the Lions are getting a very high pick either way. It would be nice to see some wins along the way though. I don’t think there’s much of a worry of them winning enough games to push out of the bottom 5 or so.


At first I was upset, but then I just laughed about it. The truth is Not So Hollywood Brown dropped 2 wide open long TD’s. The game should have been over well before the kick and we should have given up 14 more points. The Ravens deserved to win when you look at the totality of the game.

But, we are going to beat the Bears on Sunday!

Agree. Would rather keep Goff, and be in position to bring in a QB in a time frame that would give them more weapons, more polished offense, and a better overall team behind them.

Much better chance of a young QB succeeding when he doesn’t have to put the team on his shoulders, like Lawrence and Wilson are attempting to do. Last few weeks haven’t been pretty.

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You need the magic beans - the more and higher they are the better - at the start of a rebuild, especially in Detroit which is bottom of the barrel as a free agent destination. Your cap balance sheet improves greatly at the same time.

Build it up through the draft and become a playoff team. Then you can actually trade your picks for established players. And free agents will actually want to come to DET.

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Exactly! It’s important that we get some wins, and that these guys attach their identity to the growth. Really important to taste some wins.

I think we win a handful of games, this year. Bears are beatable, and we’ve got some others. I was originally thinking 6-8 wins. I’m now thinking maybe 4-6. :wink:

Best way to ruin a young QB’s career, throw him into the fire when the talent around him isn’t very good. We have seen it with so many top 10 QB’s over the years.

Yup - happens all the time.

I’ve been to the rodeo. I’ve seen the clowns. I’ve been to the circus. I’ve seen the clowns. I’ve been to a Lions game…

Yes, I was expecting it. You just knew it was possible. Although I will say that damn ball seemed to hang in the air on the bounc off the cross bar just to make it more agonizing. Touché, football gods.

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I always want the win…

All we hear here is winning is all that matters…. Is it doesn’t?

We start winning now and in the present like freaking this Sunday! and building confidence in what we have now in the present! All day baby!

If the coaches get us better each game week and we end up with a core of talent this season not betting on what the future does or doesn’t hold - I want that!

I want 17-3 and a SB now!

I’m happy so many are not on suicide watch this week :crazy_face:

But too many imho are also still looking to the future for hopes of SB wins and the future is not set in stone brother!

We win this season and even make the playoffs, we set the core, tone for next year amd the draft positions are not as important to me - having an instilled winning culture is

It’s starts buy winning this weekend

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And Mahomes is the case study of identifying the best QB available and letting him sit a year.

This is why I’m so keen on moving Decker for a 1st if possible. That extra high pick means you can either take your guy with your highest pick - and the Lion will have a top 10 pick barring a miracle - or waiting until your second first. And STILL have another first to add a stud defender. Having 4 top 40 picks would ideal for this rebuild.

I say keep losing until arch Manning is old enough and declares for the draft. I want to make sure we have the #1 pick that year!

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